A God Incidence

The last couple of months has been a bit challenging for my husband and I. We have had two months straight where we have had to spend large amounts of money on unexpected expenditures that weren’t planned. One of the expenditures was a repair the other was an unplanned replacement on a major item.
Only one of us works so it can be a bit challenging for us at times. I will be the first to admit I can get a little stressed out about our finances. I will also admit when it comes to our finances I am a worrier. Yes, I know I have frogs in my house that remind me to “fully rely on God”, but it isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of work. I was doing great for a while, but I have fallen back into my old ways.
I see the trips some of my friends take and I get a bit envious. I watch while others spend a great amount on things that make them more comfortable or life more easier and I wish we were there. I want to spoil my grandchildren more than I do.
Recently, I was reminded how lucky I really him. I have a home that is comfortable, I have a car that runs with no problems, and I have everything I need. God provides for me in so many ways. He doesn’t give me all I want, but he does provide what I need. As I look back on my life even though times have been tough and a little rough I have not been in despair or needed anything that God did not provide.
I was at a Community Gathering recently. We had musicians leading the music. They had given us a song book with the songs that we were to sing that evening. Just before the last song was sung the musicians changed up the last song. Instead of singing what they had planned they ended the night with, “What a friend we have in Jesus.”
As I began to sing it the words hit hard, “what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!” It should be a privilege for us to take everything to God in prayer. We should not try to do this alone. We have a God that cares for us and we should be willing to take our concerns to him and leave them with him.
The next line is, “O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear.” I had been forfeiting my peace all along. I was bearing the pain of these unexpected expenditures all by myself simply because I did not carry them to God in prayer. How many times do we let peace slip by us because we don’t take the time to pray about a certain situation? How many times are we in anguish over our circumstances just because we think we can do it on our own?
“We should never be discouraged; take it to the Lord in prayer”. It was very clear that God knew I needed to hear that message. He was telling me not to be discouraged. The next line, “Can we find a friend so faithful, who will all our sorrows share?” God shares our sorrows with us. When we cry He cries. When we get discouraged God knows that and he cares. He will send whatever reminders he needs to remind us he is there for us.
“Jesus knows our every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer. God created me. He knows me from the inside out and he knows my weaknesses. He knows my weakness is worry. He knows my weakness is being overly concerned about our financial situation. Do you know who else knows about our weaknesses? Satan. Satan will use our weaknesses to try and destroy what we have with God. God is faithful and he will never leave us or forsake us in a time of trouble. He is with us.
In the last verse, it says, “In his arms, he’ll take and shield thee; thou will find a solace there.”
Solace means comfort, cheer, and relief. We will only find comfort and relief when we take our problems to God, let him wrap his arms around us. When we do that our joy will be returned to us and we can go on.
I needed to be reminded of what God can and will do if I go to him in prayer. God provided that remembrance. I was reminded God not only provides for my financial needs he also takes care of my emotional needs. But, first I have to go to him in prayer. I have to release those things that are bothering me so he can provide for me financially and emotionally.
There is a song that says, God is a good, good, father. Yes, he is. That same night that God provided that song he provided for me by giving me a new frog from a good friend. She had no idea how bad I needed to be reminded. It wasn’t a coincidence it was a God-incidence.
You may be going through some difficult times right now too. My advice is take it to the Lord in prayer. You should not bear that pain by yourself. Christ want’s to share that pain with you. Don’t lose another minute of peace; take it to God. He knows our weaknesses and he still loves us. Take it to the Lord in prayer and have peace. Allow that pain to run off of you and you’ll find solace in his arms.
“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.” Philippians 4:6
I don’t know, but I don’t think you can praise God and worry at the same time. So join me if you are concerned about something; let’s take it to God in prayer.
Dear God: it amazes me how you work things out so that I may receive reminders of what I need. I have been forfeiting peace and bearing all the pain of worry just because I have not come to you in prayer. You arms are open wide just waiting to take me and shield me. I know I will find comfort, peace, and relief in your wide open arms. Thank you for the new frog that I was given. Remind me daily, to fully rely on you every day, in all ways at all times. Amen 

It’s A Done Deal!​

I am in charge and have been for several months of a program that the United Methodist Women has each autumn. I have had a wonderful committee. They have been wonderful guiding me in my first year of taking on this task.
The last week before the event several emails, phone cards and messages were circulating. I had forgotten some minor detail that another remembered and we soon got it taken care of. Some sent notes wondering about name tags and registration at the event. I soon found myself worrying about all the little details I had forgotten. Everyone was wonderful to chip in and help at the last minute. As the time approached my husband noticed I was a bit edgy. If it did not go well, this would all be on me. I wanted my first annual fall meeting to go well; maybe not perfect but well. There were so many details to be taken care of at the last minute. How would it all fall into place?
I was suddenly reminded when we turn our life over to God we don’t have to worry about all the small details of our everyday lives. He is in charge and we are to let go. I am teaching children on Wednesday evenings at our after school program. The word we are focused on for the next few weeks is faith. I ask the children to give me their description of faith. One said confidence, another said trust, another said belief in someone or something and then boldness. I really thought the kids came through on that one. When we turn our lives over to Christ we can be confident that he will take care of all the small details that we want to stew over. We can trust him to work out the details of our lives while we work on having faith in him. If we truly belief in him then we can quit stressing over how our lives will turn out or what direction we are to take. We can be bold in our faith as we allow God to work out the details. We can be bold and share the gospel with others because we are not worried about what may or may not happen.
1 Peter 5:7 says this, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” He cares about us so much that he does not want us having anxiety over those small or even the big details of our lives. God has it covered we just need to let him handle it.
So, I am done worrying about the details and I am going to enjoy the event and know God has it covered.
Dear God, thank you for taking care of the details of our lives. Remind me each day you have it covered and I can go out in boldness knowing it’s a done deal. Amen