You Just Knew I Had To Do It!

I have been gone for the past few weeks. Part of that time was spent with grandchildren in Indiana. I love being a grandmother. I don’t get to play the part often, but when I do I relish it. As I was looking at the pictures I just recently took that shows off my grandchildren I began to look at each child and remembered how much I love them. As I looked at the pictures of my daughters I felt an enormous amount of love for them. God sent me a gentle reminder this morning that sometimes I often forget.
As I looked at each child and the activity they were doing I thought about how special that child was to me. They all have a uniqueness in them. The child I looked at this morning is one that always wants to share with his brothers. He will often think of his brothers before himself. There is another one that is very caring and loves his momma so much you can feel it in him. There are my two granddaughters who are very loving and caring as well. All of them are special and unique in some way. I don’t love any one of them more than I love the others. They all are special to me. I have to remind them quite often that I love each of them just the same. My daughters are the same way. They are unique and special and have their own special qualities that I love.
As I was doing my morning devotions and thinking of my grandchildren and daughters (and sons in law) God reminded me of one simple almost forgotten fact; He loves us more than I could ever find it possible to love my family. He loves the uniqueness in us. He doesn’t love any one of us more than he loves all the others and he’s got a lot more to love than we will ever have.
Psalm 138:26, “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.” Steadfast means unwavering and loyalty. Endures means lasting. So what this verse is saying to each of us is that God’s love for us is unwavering and it is loyal. It lasts forever. There is never a time God will not love us. His love for us lasts forever. I want to repeat that only because I want you to hear really hear it. Say it aloud and let it sink in as you read it again: His love for me (say your name) is unwavering, loyal and will last forever. God loves me!

There were a couple of times I must admit I didn’t like the actions of some of my family while there. Their behavior disappointed me (I would like for you to believe my family is perfect and they are in so many ways, but they are human just like I am and they aren’t perfect just as I am not perfect or you are not perfect). There were times my daughters disagreed with one another and there were times my grandchildren were disagreeable, but for the most part, I think they did well. When they were misbehaving did I love them any less? No, I might have been disappointed in them, but I loved them just as much as before.
Psalm103 (from the Message), “God is sheer mercy and grace; not easily angered, he’s rich in love. He doesn’t endlessly nag and scold, nor hold grudges forever. He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor pay us back in full for our wrongs.” God loves us even when we mess up. God looks past the sin and sees the sinner and loves. There is nothing we can do that will make God take away his love for us. Just like any parent, he might be disappointed in us, but he will never stop loving us.
As I was looking at all my pictures I heard God say to me, “I love you that much and more. You are special to me and I love you as much as I love anybody.” I sometimes forget the love God has for me or else I take it for granted, but this morning I was reminded and his love came through loud and clear. He reminded me he loved me so much he called me his daughter. I belong to God; I am his and nothing will ever change that. I sometimes look at others and think God must like them more than me because….., but God reminded me this morning He loves me as much as he loves the next person. He doesn’t love anyone more than another. We are all special and unique in his eyes. He loves us for who we are. For me, I have to get past the idea that God loves others more than he loves me. I was reminded of that this morning. I have to understand, know and truly believe God loves me as much as he loves you. God loves you as much as he loves me. We are loved by the one true parent that is not biased or shows not favoritism.
Are you feeling God’s love yet? Do you know how much God really loves you? Do you understand that God’s love is lasting and steadfast? Do you understand God doesn’t hold grudges, or nags or scold? Do you realize God loves you as much as the next person?
I hope you know all of this and if you don’t please know God loves you and will love you forever and nothing you can do or will do will ever change that. God is a God of love.
Dear God: Sometimes I take for granted the love you have for me. Sometimes I think God doesn’t love me quite as much as someone else for whatever reason. But today you have reminded me of the love you have for me. It’s deeper than a parent or grandparent’s love for their children or grandchildren. I was reminded that even though I mess up you still love me. I was reminded that you will never take your love from me. Thank you for your enduring and steadfast love. Let me never take that for granted. Help me as I share your love with others. In all these things I pray Amen.