Random Acts of Kindness and Kites


I was laying in bed thinking about kindness and all that encompassed. I was praying that God would help me to understand the kindness He was talking about in the Bible.

As I lay there he showed me an image of a kite. I wondered what a kite had to do with kindness. This is what he shared with me.

You take a kite and you let out a little string at a time. As it begins to drift off you let out more string. Finally, the kite gets so high the wind takes it and allows it to go in whatever direction the wind blows. You stand on the ground letting out more string watching the kite fly off. The wind takes over; all you do is let it go by pulling out more string.

God shared doing random acts of kindness is like kite flying. We often start out showing kindness in small indiscreet ways. We enjoy standing back and watching what happens when we show kindness to others. We often are blessed by it. It makes us want to do more not for glory, but because of the blessings we receive from being kind.

Then as we get comfortable we step out of our comfort zone and before long we are showing acts of kindness in every aspect of our lives. We stand back to see all the various forms our kindness has taken. We see that maybe we meant it for one thing, but God takes our act of kindness, and just like the wind adds a twist or turn to it and it turns out better than we ever dreamed. We stand just like the kite flyer and let loose of our string (kindness) and we let God have it and take it where he wants it to go.

I thought that was a pretty cool thought. As I continued thinking about all of this I was understanding that a kite can go only if the kite flyer lets loose of the string. The kite flyer has control over how much string he lets go of. When we control our lives and decide not to act in a kindly manner or we decide how often we let our kindness show we are just like the kite flyer holding back instead of letting it go.

Sometimes kites go up and then fall to the ground. God showed me when we want to control our acts of kindness instead of allowing him take our acts of kindness and do what he wants with them they fall flat and go no where.

Sometimes our kites get caught in trees or bushes or other objects and they go nowhere. They are stuck until we free them from the obstruction. If we get caught up in getting or receiving glory or honor for those things we do, if we are doing things to make a name for ourselves God sometimes put obstacles in our way and the act gets caught and goes nowhere When we set aside our pride the act of kindness is set free to go where God wants it to go.

There are some days we can’t fly a kite. There is a storm brewing, the wind isn’t right or a number of others things keep us from flying a kite. The kite flyer knows it’s just not a good day. Instead of ignoring the circumstances he waits. He waits for the right time, the right energy and for things to settle; he waits for the day he can fly his kite. While he is waiting he might be busy studying his kites, he might be planning his next adventure or he might be building his next kite.

That’s the way we are. Some days are not good days for acts of kindness for whatever reason. So, instead of pushing ahead we wait. We study the situation, we plan; we build. We wait to hear from God who is sure to show us when it’s time and to whom we show acts of kindness too.

I never knew kite flying and random acts of kindness had so much in common. God is always good to teach me, to show me, to guide me.

Kindness is something that God teaches us. As we grow in God and as he teaches us to be kind it is not something we hang onto, but we let it go and bless others. God blesses us in his kindness; we bless others.

Do a deed of simple kindness; though its end you may not see, it may reach, like widening ripples, down a long eternity.
~ Joseph Norris

Go fly a kite or better yet…go fly a random act of kindness; say a prayer as you let it go and allow God to use it as he wants.

Dear God: it’s amazing the things you teach me. I am amazed at how you take two things put them together and teach me lessons. I want to let go of the string on my random acts of kindness and let it fly as you see best. Help me not to get my acts of kindness caught in the tree of pride or selfishness, but help me remain humble so that my acts will be free to be used for you and by you. On the days I can’t fly random acts of kindness remind those days you have given me to teach, plan and to build. Thank you for all you do in teaching me to live more fully in you. Amen

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Kill Them With Kindness Words from a Mom

It is May and as we continue the study of the Fruits of the Spirit we delve into kindness this month. I think it is a little ironic that it is also the month we celebrate Mothers Day. I think for the most part mothers and kindness goes together. I know someone of you might disagree, but for most people our mothers were kind people at least to us.
Kindness in the dictionary is described as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. I think if you ask most people they will tell you they consider themselves kind. Most people will tell you they are friendly and sometimes generous. Sometimes people see themselves as considerate other times not so much.
For the last few years off and on I have seen signs in yards that say, “kindness matters.” Do we really have to be reminded to be kind? Are we teaching our kids to be kind to one another? It has bothered me for the last week or two that kindness is a commodity that we sometimes are lacking. As I learned of the death of a young bride who two or three weeks after her marriage was gunned down because she was given a position apparently someone else thought they should have had. So, instead of being kind and considerate he gets angry and destroys multiple lives; his own and hers along with all the families involved. Where was kindness then?
About the same time we see two young men thinking it’s okay to take their anger out on each other and schedule a fight. Now I know it’s pretty normal for two boys to get in a fight. It happens all the time. You rough each other up, get your anger out, shake hands afterwards and walk away. Why would anyone consider it okay to bring a gun to a fight? Why would anyone think it’s okay to take another’s life? Where was kindness?
If we look around sometimes kindness is hard to see. It’s hard to be kind when you’ve lost your job and your world is falling down around you. It’s hard to be kind when they’ve just told you your days are numbered. Kindness is not something that just happens or is it?
I think when God tells us to take on the Fruit of the Spirit kindness he’s not talking about actions or emotions. I think he is talking more about a way of life. It’s not something we feel or do it’s how we live on a daily basis.
Last week I experienced an act of kindness. I was helping get ready for a benefit we were having for our organization. It was on a Thursday afternoon. Some young teenagers were among us. As I was introduced to them that morning I was told they were missing school with the school’s approval. One of the young ladies was having a birthday. For her birthday party she gathered friends who all wanted to participate in some charitable way. Instead of having a party and getting gifts this young lady decided to donate her time to help us both that day and into the evening. After being with her for sometime I could tell this was not an act or she wasn’t doing this out of emotion. She lived being kind and generous with her time.
Living in kindness like God wants us to is doing kind things without thinking about what we are going to get in return. Living an act of kindness is doing things without thinking what you are doing. Living a life of kindness is being considerate all the time and not just those times we pick and choose. Living a life of kindness is being kind to other motorists on the highway regardless of how we are treated. Being kind is opening doors, letting others go ahead of you, letting others have the parking space that just opened up, it’s about showing kindness like God shows to us every day.
God shows us kindness each day by blessing us with another day of life. God shows us kindness when he doesn’t give us what we deserve. 
I love what Colossians 3:12 says, “Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” As we get dressed each day we are to put on the armor of God and then we are to clothe ourselves with kindness. If everyone clothed themselves with kindness what would this world look like? What would your corner of the world look like?
One of my mom’s favorite sayings to me as a kid was, “Honey, just kill them with kindness.” I was taught from a young age to be kind. I am learning as an older kid to live and walk in kindness; even when I don’t feel like it. 
We have had Radom Acts of Kindness days…it wouldn’t be random if we learned to live as kindness people.
As we study the Fruits of the Spirit I am beginning to realize these fruits of the Spirit is not emotions, acts, or anything else. It’s not something we do or don’t do. The Fruits of the Spirit is a new way to live your life.
I challenge you tomorrow morning as you dress follow the command in Colossians and dress yourself in kindness. Let’s get a new clothing trend started.
Dear Lord, I am saddened by the lack of kindness towards others, but then I see acts of kindness and I am hopeful. Teach us its a way of life not an emotion or a deed. Guide us as we begin to clothe ourselves in kindness. Help us to share this type of clothing with others. Amen