Road Trip

“Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path”.
 Proverbs 4:26

 I travel back and forth to Indiana quite a bit. I think I could fall asleep, tell my car where I am going and it’d find the way by itself. On my trip back to Indiana I have to travel several different roads and go through many different states to get there. There are some places along my route I just love driving through; it’s a pleasant experience. The scenery in those places are amazing and I really enjoy it. There are other times I do not like the drive so much. The route is a straight shot, the scenery is not much to look at and it can get pretty boring. Those are the places I have to push myself to get through them. It can be a real struggle to get through those places.

There are some places it is really busy and traffic is hectic. I have to be aware of my circumstances and make sure I get off the right exit and don’t get lost. I don’t see too much because I am busy paying attention to the signs and my exits. I just kind of rush through them.
As I get closer to Indiana and the places I am going to in Indiana the excitement builds and I so look forward to the end result of driving for two days to reach my destination. There are times I am exhausted when I get there, but once I see my family I am fine and ready for the adventures they have for me.
Now what does all of this have to do with faith? Well, where do I begin? This life we are on is one big journey. We are all traveling to a destination of our choice. Sometimes as we are driving along and the scenery in our lives is breathtaking. Often times we want to stop and just pause and look at what’s happening and enjoy all those moments that just sweep us off our feet. We want to stop and smell the roses and take pictures so we can remember these times.
Other times the scenery in our lives are not so pleasant. Things may be going in a hum drum way. The road we are on seems to be slow and winding and not fun at all. Sometimes it’s just called everyday life. Nothing exciting is happening and there is nothing that spurs us on. We are just living each day trying to get through these times.
Then of course there is the roadblocks, the road construction and detours. I sometimes come up on a wreck that is blocking my road and I just have to sit and wait for the road to clear. I can’t move forward or back. I am just sitting and waiting. When I travel in the summer I often have to deal with road construction. My road goes down to one lane and I have to move slower, let others move in ahead of me, and it slows my progress immensely. Once in a while I have to deal with detours. I have to take a different route than I planned or get off the route I had planned to take and then get back on later.
It’s the same way with us. There are times in our lives we run into road blocks. It could be a loss of a job, an unplanned illness, or a number of things. Whatever it is it has caused us to stop dead in our tracks. We can’t move forward, we can’t back up we are just stuck.
There are times God has to do a little bit of construction on us. We are the road and he’s the one doing the rebuilding of our lives. It might take awhile for God to get a particular area done in our lives so we have to move at a slower pace. During those times our friends might be moving at a faster pace and we have to allow them to move ahead knowing we will catch up to them later. There are times we are just moving at a slower pace than normal. We may not like it, but God is working on us and we have to allow him to do what needs to be done so we can move forward.
There are those times we have to make detours in our life. We have our lives all planned out, but the plan doesn’t work our like we thought. So, we have to take a detour and move in a different direction. That was my life twelve years ago. I had a plan and I was going to stick with that plan. God had a different route for me to take and I ended up in Texas instead of staying in Indiana. Detours can be something that causes us grief or excitement. When my husband and I have to detour we look at it as an exciting adventure, because you never know what you will find off the beaten path. Sometimes the best places we found have been on the detours of life. It may slow us down and our destination may take us longer to get there, but there certainly can be benefits to taking a detour. Sometimes the detour can be there to keep us safe and to keep us from harm. Maybe there is danger ahead that God knows about so he detours us so we will not be harmed or in danger. It is strictly for our protection that God leads us on a detour. Maybe God has a different plan for our lives and so to carry out that plan he detours us so we can accomplish those things for him.
I am still pretty young and I hope my destination is not in sight yet, but I think or at least I hope when I am much older and as I draw closer to my destination my excitement level will rise and I will be excited to see all those family members who have reached their destination. I am anticipating a big wonderful welcome and lots of new adventures as I reach my destination.
We are all travelers on this road called life. We all get to choose our destination. I hope we end up at the same destination and we get to enjoy the new adventures together. Until then, we must travel on.
Dear God, thank you for this road trip. I know at times it can be exciting, other times it can be difficult and then there are all the road blocks, detours and construction we need to deal with in our lives. Thank you for being my Navigator as I travel this world. I pray that my destination is a ways off yet. I am looking forward to my destination and all those I will get to meet up with. Help me over the speed bumps that slow me down. Guide my path and direct my ways. Amen 

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