BT Frog, Begining to Fully Rely on God


I am promoting my book. Let me know if you know of someone who might be interested. 

I love the layout, perspective, and challenge in Beginning to Fully Rely on God. Rebecca Brown’s work is God’s grace ready to be revealed to those who desire an intentional relationship with God. Whether in the morning, midday, or just before bed, you will find God’s truth in your life. Rebecca lets you into her heart as you read her devotions. And then she says, “Now it’s your turn! Tell God what you think! And then listen to what God wants you to know.” As you turn your attention to answering the questions she has provided after each devotion, you will find in yourself, God’s providing. There is healing and direction for life. Get this book and start today opening yourself even more to God’s grace. Discover the incredible depth of God’s love for you. – Pastor Mike Love, First United Methodist Church of Watauga


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