If You Don’t Like Me as I am Hang On

My husband in his spare times likes to build things. He has built furniture for me and it is a treasured piece of work. He will also take a piece of furniture and rebuild it for me.
I was reading my devotions one morning and I came across this scripture, “God began a good work in you and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.” (Philippians 1:6)  After I finished my devotion God gave me these thoughts to help me understand it better.
When my hubby builds something it is usually to give away. He never has sold anything. He works on it continuously until he thinks it’s perfect. Nine times out of ten he still sees a flaw when it is given to the owner. He is not happy with the way something looks or works on it. He always sees a flaw. I look at it and tell him it looks great and the flaw is not noticeable. If I am not given the item the owner (usually his daughters) will tell him how beautiful it is. They will not see the flaw nor do they care. It is a character mark as they say. They instantly fall in love with it and are very proud to show it off.
I believe that is the way it is with us. God works on us while we are here on earth. Every day God is sanding, polishing, and cleaning us for the day the owner comes to claim us. He works on us steady just like my hubby does. He finds a flaw in us and works on that one. He gets it fixed and then another pops up. He is continuously working on us making us as perfect as we can be in this fallen world. I think one day when Jesus Christ comes we will either be made perfect or Jesus Christ will be so thrilled with us he will never see the flaws we think we have. He will love us just the way we are.
One of the things that came to mind is that when may hubby is working on a piece of wood he has his way with it. Wood is an inanimate object. The wood cannot speak for itself. It can’t refuse to be worked on. We on the other hand have the freedom to allow God to sand us, polish us or clean us. We also have the freedom to walk away from God and do as we choose. It’s our choice. God never forces himself on us. Neither will he do anything that we don’t allow or ask for. We have to want God to change us from the inside out. We have to allow God to make those changes we ask for.
There are things I do I don’t like; there are times I say things and it comes out all wrong and then there are times I just refuse to do what I should do or what I know is best. I can either continue down my own path or I can go to God and ask for a good cleaning or sanding or polishing. I may not enjoy the work God does on me, but I know in the end the finished project will be something the owner can be proud of.
I may not be an inanimate object, but I do know that I want more than anything for God to take me sand me, polish me, clean me and remove as many flaws as possible before the rightful owner comes and claims me.
I am reminded of the children’s song, “God Is Not Finished With Me Yet”
If you don’t like the way I am, don’t judge me yet just hang around 
God’s not finished with me yet 
Now I’m not what I used to be, there’s still work to do in me 
God’s not finished with me yet 

He’s working on my feet so they will walk straight 
He’s working on my heart to keep it pure 
He’s holding my hand so he can lead me and teach me to endure 
When the going gets tough I get frustrated and I start to forget 
Then I’m reminded that God’s not finished with me yet 

One day I thought I had arrived till the good Lord brought me down to size 
He said I’m not finished with you yet 
Now I am on the potters wheel he’s molding me to fit his will 
God’s not finished with me yet
How about you? Are you allowing God to work on you? Are you still finding flaws in yourself? Well, don’t worry God isn’t finished with either one of us just yet.
Dear God: I do want to be sanded, polished, and cleaned. I might not like the process, but I know it needs to be done so that I can be made perfect when the rightful owner comes to claim me. Take my life and do as you see fit. Amen​

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