Coke Cola Glasses

I have received a real joy from my husband over the last few weeks. It started a couple of weeks ago after his first cataract surgery. I must tell you my husband has had glasses since he was in first grade and they were thick ones. Some people have referred to them as the Coke Cola glasses.
The last few months before surgery he could barely see. Everything he saw was blurry. I worried about him driving back and forth to work. After actually going to a real eye doctor and not a doc in the box it was mentioned he needed surgery like yesterday on both eyes. Surgery was scheduled.
Later that day and the next day as his eye recuperated from the surgery he began to be excited. He began an hourly report of all that he could see. He could see roof lines and trees and on and on. I was excited for him. He could begin to read and see things he hasn’t seen in years. He was extremely excited to get the second one done.
We went the following week to get the second one done. Again later that day and the next we went through the report of all he could see. It was as if he was blind, but now could see. It was exciting. Yes, I must admit after awhile it got a little old, but I was excited for him. He went on to tell me how he had tried to take off his glasses to shower or go to bed just to realize he did not have glasses on. He had to be out in the rain for a small amount of time and found he did not have to free his glasses from the rain. He is so happy and excited.
God reminded me of a few things. I was reminded of a time several years ago when some of our youth back in Indiana had come back from a retreat, camp, or some religious outing they had taken. These kids had changed they were different. They came to a group I was a part of to share all that had taken place in their lives. I was reminded of the song that is popular right now about being a soul on fire. These kids were souls on fire. They had plans for the church and the youth group and they wanted to see some changes made. I was so excited for these kids. It reminded me of an earlier time when I experienced much of the same things. The only problem with this was they were talking to a group of older ladies who had lost their fire. They had lost their hope in the church of ever being grander or a church who was a soul on fire. So, instead of encouraging these youth they just listened without giving any encouragement. At the end they mentioned how they hoped they could accomplish these things but told them not to be too hopeful. They quenched their spirit. I was devastated. Eventually, these kids lost that fire and I am not sure how many of them attend church today. These kids had been blinded but saw all that could be. They could see all the things we older ones couldn’t see, but instead of encouraging them or being excited for them we put the blinders back on them.
I have thought of others throughout my life that has been blinded by sin and despair. Christ came into their lives and they were excited. They were blind, but now could see, unfortunately others didn’t want them to see as clearly as they could. They were afraid of changes or maybe jealous of what these sighted people could see and was upset at their loss of their own eyesight.
While listening to my hubby’s report hourly I had to be careful not to put the blinders back on him. I had to be excited for him. I had to encourage him.
How often we put blinders back on people who have seen Christ for the first time. We quench their spirit we douse their fire. How sad.

God quickly reminded me I experience this much the same way. I go to a retreat or other Christian functions and my fire gets flamed and it starts burning. I am excited to come home and make changes in my life. I am going to make sure I pray daily, read the Bible, I am going to make sure my walk with Christ is vibrant, real and so on and so on. I go to church and share my ideas with others and many times I get the same response as these kids got. I make all the promises just to find life happens and I slowly am blinded again. It happens to all of us along our walk. It’s hard to keep our eyesight sharp and clear. Situations happen and we lose sight.
So what’s the solution? Is there one? First, I think we have to be careful when we have our fires burning and our blinders off. We have to meet with others on a regular basis that have their blinders off. We can’t be around people who constantly douse our fires and want to put blinders back on us.
Second and foremost, I think we have to encounter God on a daily basis. I think we have to walk and talk with him on a routine basis. And, I am all for meditating and being in His Spirit at least once a week if not more often. By that I mean, turning everything off, (phones, TVs, Computers, tablets etc) going off to a quiet place and meditate. Listen to what he has for you. Make a prayer garden at home or go to a prayer garden. Visit a labyrinth and do the walk. Retreats, camps and walks away from home are great, but we can’t always fit them into our schedule. So instead of trying to create something that is impossible for us we create something that is possible. If you can’t find an hour a week to go off and be by yourself to meditate and experience God then life is happening too much for you. Don’t let life pass you by. Take time for God not life.
Finally, one last thing. What would have happened to my hubby’s spirit if I hadn’t encouraged him, been excited for him or doused his fire? When someone one comes to you and they are a soul on fire, don’t discourage them, life will do that. Encourage them, experience it with them and by all means enjoy them and their new found insight. Get close enough to them and it might just rub off and before you know it your blinders might fall off as well.
He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.” John 9:11
Do you have blinders on? Can you see as clearly as you’d like? Christ is waiting to open your eyes to all he has for you to see. We can choose to stay blinded or we can allow God to take off our blinders and see. My husband chose surgery and he can see clearly now. What is your choice?
Dear God: Thank you for doctors who perform surgeries that make us able to see clearly and better. Thank you for the excitement my husband has as he sees things he hasn’t seen in a long time. Help us as we take off our blinders and see things we’ve missed for awhile. Remind us to be encouragers and not discouragers. Help us to help others see you. Be with us as we get away to meditate on you and the words you have for us. Open our eyes that we might see. Amen


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