Glimpses into What is Waiting for Us


As I sit here it is Good Friday. This has been a tremendous and powerful week already. I am convinced God gives us glimpses into Heaven so we can run the race called life and we can endure to the end.

A group of us decided we’d anoint the organization and the building where I volunteer. I was involved in doing this in another location at another time. I saw that organization go from struggling to successful. I don’t know why ( God knew why) but we decided we’d do this on a Wednesday and we picked the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday. We started out listening to music and then we went into prayer. As I sat there and listened to the prayers of the people it was as if a warm fuzzy blanket came down over us. The Holy Spirit’s Presence was among us. As we went from room to room anointing each room and as the prayers for each was given the Presence became stronger. We finished in the back in an area that was wide open. As we finished one of our faithfuls had a song for us to listen to. We finished with the song. As I closed my eyes to listen to the words the Holy Spirit poured himself over me. I knew I had been in God’s Presence and I knew I had been blessed. Being there at that time and feeling His Presence was overwhelming. I closed with a few words of blessings. I wanted them to know how blessed I was to not only be in their company and to feel God’s Presence, but I also knew I was blessed by it. I could feel the Holy Spirit pouring his anointing oil over me. It was amazing. All I could think of was, “this must be a taste of Heaven.”

I finished that evening with the Bible Study I had started earlier in Lent. It was the study of Job. I gained new insight into the true meaning of Job and all that he went through. Again I felt God’s Presence in this place. As we were finishing up a young lady from a distant country who has been attending out church for awhile spoke. She told us how blessed she has been by being in her first Bible Study done in English. She made a mention of how much the church and its people meant to her. The day ended as it had started with a strong feeling of the Holy Spirit’s Presence being felt.

Maundy Thursday came and I really expected the feeling to disappear, but I went throughout the day feeling as if He was still as close as He was the day before. The Maundy Thursday service arrived with much anticipation. We had a visit from Judas and my eyes were opened to his story and his choices. I soon found myself thinking one slight decision off course and I could end up being a Judas. We all make choices…some good, some bad, but choices we make. We are human and sometimes our choices are not always in the best interests of others. I was quickly reminded it would be easy to fall just as Judas had done.

As a new day started my husband had surgery and I was blessed by all the prayers that had been said for him. The minor surgery went quite well. God is good all the time.

As I sit here and reflect the past few days I am reminded that during the storms of life God gives us glimpses into what is waiting for us. We just have to be open and aware of those times he gives us. I always have difficulty with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. To be reminded of all Christ went through just so we might have life is sometimes daunting. I often want to go from Palm Sunday to Easter morning and the empty tomb, but Christ didn’t design it that way. We have to experience what He experienced so we can appreciate what he really did for us. We have to experience dying on the cross so that more of Him can become alive in us.Colossians 3:3-7 “For, as far as this world is concerned, you are already dead, and your true life is a hidden one in God, through Christ.”

Revelation 21:1 “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.” I may not have seen a new heaven and a new earth, but I did get a glimpse into what is waiting for us if we finish the race and hang in there with Christ.

I still have Good Friday and Easter morning to experience and I can’t wait. God has given me the patience to make it through by giving me pieces of himself. We’ve all read the book we know how it ends, but it’s much pleasanter when we actually experience it like I did this week.

I pray your Holy Week and Easter finds yourself miles ahead of where you have been. I pray that you will experience less of yourself and find more of God living in you. May your thirst this season be quenched with the Living Water that he offers us. God bless.

Dear Lord, you know how hard this week is for me sometimes. You were gracious enough to give me a glimpse into heaven so I could endure this week and run the race. Thank you for all the blessings and anointing from this week. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Guide us as we remember what you sent your son to do so we might have life. Be with us as we journey toward the empty tomb. Amen


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