How Can I Believe in a God I Can’t See, Hear or Touch?


I was driving to one of my board meetings last week and was headed to Hillsboro Texas. I could get there just fine. It was finding the location of the church that was going to be challenging. I did what I do so often and what comes so natural. I called OnStar. When we purchased one of my newer cars years ago and found we had this thing called OnStar we weren’t sure about it. After a few tries and experiments my husband decided this was a feature on my car I needed. It has saved me a lot. I have gotten lost multiple times and they have directed me home or where I needed to go. It is amazing.

As I gave them my address last week and as they sent directions to my destination a thought occurred to me. I have heard so many people say they can’t trust in a God they can’t see or touch. They seem to think he can’t even be heard. How can they trust in something without being able to see, touch or hear?

As usual my mind began to wonder. Here I am putting my trust in a person I have never seen before. I am listening to a voice I have never heard before and I certainly can’t reach out and touch the OnStar Operator who is giving me directions. Yet, here I am trusting this person to send me the right directions for where I want to go. It’s their business to get me there as quickly and easily as possible without me getting lost. I have never thought about the trust I place in this person. I just do it automatically. It could be that because I have used this service before and because I have had positive results I trust this person. Maybe because of their track record I feel like I can trust them.

There are other things I can’t see, touch or hear, but I trust in them. I can’t touch the weatherman that comes on the TV every night, but I trust him to bring me accurate weather information. I choose to trust him. If you think about it there are people we put our trust in and we don’t have a personal relationship with that person, yet we trust their judgement.

If those who say they can’t believe in God because they can’t see him, hear him, or touch him, then I am thinking they need to reevaluate their lives. I would bet there is a person, like OnStar or an app on their phone, that they trust. An app is another good example. Many of us put our trust in an app and we can neither hear or touch or see the person behind that app, yet we trust them with our money and sometimes our very lives.

I am thinking it is more of a choice than anything else. They just choose not to believe in God. I could easily ask the same thing, “how can I believe in a God that I can not see, hear or trust?” I can believe because I have seen him; maybe not physically, but when I look at another Christian I can see God in them by the way they act. I can hear God speak every time I open my Bible and read his words or I hear a testimony from someone on what God has done for them. I can feel God every time someone comes along and lets me cry on their shoulders. I can feel God when I am struggling and someone comes along and grabs my hand and walks with me. Trust God? That is not an issue for me. I have trusted God to walk with me or carry me through some difficult times and he has. He has never disappointed me. Just recently I ask God for some help to make it through to May. I hadn’t seen my kids since December and wasn’t going to be able to until May. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it until May. You know what he did? He sent one of my daughters and her family down for a week of vacation on Spring Break. I have seen God work a number of times in my life. Trusting God is something that comes natural for me. Yes, I still falter and yes, I still have trust issues, but not nearly as many as I have had.

So the next time someone says, “you know how can I trust a God who I can’t see, hear or touch?” Ask them if they rely on a navigation app. Ask them if they have a Siri in their lives. I bet some where in their life they have something they trust that they can’t see, feel or touch and I bet they trust that person or thing.

It’s not a matter of not being able to; its a matter of choosing not to. What is your choice?

John 20:29 says this, “Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Dear God: Thank you for being a God I can put my faith in and trust in. Thank you for helping me make the right choice as I choose to believe in you and live for you. Be with those who choose not to believe in you. May the words I share with them give them something that can bring them to you. God of glory and God of grace thank you for all you do in my life. Amen


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