Quit Banging that Dish!

I love my four legged animals. They are more like children than animals, but like children they can be aggravating. God teaches me a lot of things through my dogs. Who would have thought God teaches us using our pets?
I am old enough I have a morning routine. I get up and the dogs get a bone, I use the bathroom while they are chomping on their bone. We then walk to the kitchen and I let them out while I take my morning pill. Afterwards it’s the same routine of brushing my teeth, flossing, washing my face, donning makeup, and doing my hair. We move to the bedroom where I get dressed and make the bed. During that time period I get around to feeding the little guys their breakfast. They know (or should know by now) that they don’t get fed until I get dressed. We do this same thing every morning. Kobe is a lab/retriever. Max is a chiweenie. He’s small, but mighty. Now while I am getting dressed Max has decided for the last several days it is okay to go over to his food dish, pick it up and bang it for several minutes reminding me it’s time for breakfast. I remind him I am not dressed and I will not forget him. I remind him he has to be patient and wait for it. That apparently falls on deaf ears because he continues banging his dish as if that will make me move faster or stop what I am doing and feed him. Unfortunately for him I have a stubborn streak (this has always been a problem for me). The more he bangs the longer he has to wait. I figure he knows the routine and he should know by now nothing he does is going to change things. He must wait until I am ready for me to feed them. Poor Kobe just looks at Max like he’s not real bright. Kobe has it figured out I am not changing my routine.
So how can this situation be a teaching lesson from God? Wait for it…here it comes. I am just like Max. When I go to God in prayer asking for something, wanting a certain situation taken care of or wanting some advice or direction I keep making noise thinking I will get God’s attention and maybe he will move a little faster or get annoyed with me and come through. I suddenly realized just like me maybe God gets annoyed with my impatience. God may not have a routine like I do, but I am sure his timing is not quite like my timing. Just like I want Max to wait until I am ready, God may need me to wait until He is ready or the time is right. In this crazy world of instant gratification we want what we want (whether it be answers, solutions, or directions) when we want it. We don’t want to have to wait. Psalm 37:7, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices.” We are to be still before the Lord and wait patiently.
That’s exactly what I want from Max; to be still and wait for me. Instead he torments me with his banging dish. I am human and because I am I keep going to the Lord and keep bothering him with the same requests. I am just like Max I can’t wait patiently I want the answer now.

Isaiah 55:8-9, “I don’t think the way you think. The way you work isn’t the way I work.” God’s Decree.“ For as the sky soars high above earth, so the way I work surpasses the way you work, and the way I think is beyond the way you think.”
This scripture reminds us that God doesn’t think the way we think. He doesn’t work the way we work and He doesn’t always do the things we think He should do in our time frame.
There are times I think Max must be deaf. I tell him over and over to be patient, but he isn’t patient. I know Max is not deaf because if I open a cabinet door, or the refrigerator door, or open a can he’s right there to see if I will drop something. I am sure God thinks I think he is deaf, but he isn’t. I am just impatient. God heard me the first time, just like Max hears me the first time.
Max banging the dish on the floor is aggravating, but I still love that little guy and he ends up getting fed and taken care of and I soon forget the banging. God is like that with us. God must get aggravated at us when we keep bugging him about the same things over and over, but just like my love for Max God loves us even more. God will never stop loving us or caring for us. God’s love is a guarantee. God promises to love us through it all.
Tomorrow morning we will go through all of this again. I will look at Max and shake my head and remind him I will take care of him, but he must be patient. Then I will say a prayer and ask God to forgive me for all those times I have aggravated him by asking the same annoying questions while wanting the answers or the directions to come quickly.
Sometimes I can be like Max or an immature child wanting my way, but God knows what’s best for me. I also know God will answer me when He is ready; in His time. Max will be my gentle reminder that I really need to be patient.
Are you like Max? Do you constantly make noise trying to get God’s attention? Do you feel sometimes God is deaf and can’t hear you? God knows all and hears all. We just have to trust Him to answer our needs when the time is right.
Dear God: I am so sorry for being such an annoyance and repeating the same things over and over. I know you hear my requests whatever they be and I know when the time is right you will answer me. Just like Max in this crazy world I have learned to be impatient wanting things done in an instant. Sometimes though, you call me to silence and to wait. Help me as I learn to be silent and to wait. Am

2 thoughts on “Quit Banging that Dish!

  1. elizabeth L.Cornish

    Love your story about your pets. I too have an impatient pet, a little Yorkie. when he wants me to do something he sits in front and stares into my face,sometimers tapping me with his paws to be sure I’,m listning.He understands most of what I say to him, but being voiceless(except for unending barking} it takes me a few minutes to decipher what he needs. He has got me somewhat trained but al so has his routine, and I’m still learning it. so I also pray for patience. I ha a good laugh, so thanks a lot for that. Elizabeth(,Joy Circle)

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