Will The True Commander in Chief Stand Up?

Today is a historical day. Today in our Nation’s Capital a new President will be inaugurated. I don’t care who you vote for if you are an American citizen the pomp and circumstance is amazing. I love to watch the excitement no matter who I voted for. It makes me proud as an American Citizen to see democracy at work.
What I want to share with you is what God reminded me today. I am in the midst of a study by Melissa Spoelstra. The title of the study is, “Jeremiah Daring to Hope in an Unstable World. Before I turned on and watch the festivities I wanted to do my daily study in this book.
As I began to do my study I came across this paragraph in this book on page 80 written by Melissa for her study on Jeremiah, “The name of the Lord Sabaoth is used to remind us of who our God really is: the powerful Commander in Chief with all of the angels at His disposal.”

I was quickly reminded that is what we call our President, “Commander in Chief.” I began to wonder about the term we use to call our President; Commander of Chief. I understand the term as it applies to the President as meaning one in charge of our great United States. I understand he has people at his disposal. It is a great honor to be called Commander in Chief and along with it comes some great responsibilities. But there are also differences in calling our President Commander in Chief and our God Commander in Chief.
One of the things Melissa says in this study is each of us has access to the Commander of Chief (our God); the one who created our whole world. Unfortunately, only a few has total access to the President, Commander of Chief.” We aren’t able to call upon the President whenever we want to. We can’t sit down and have a conversation with him and we certainly wouldn’t want to pray to him. He doesn’t have a message that just applies to us.
We have access to God whenever we choose to. We are able to call on God anytime of the day as often as we’d like. If we pick up the Bible and spend time in it we can often find God has a message for us for each situation we find ourselves in or for whenever we need God’s direction. We certainly can take the time to pray and know God is listening to each of us individually and cares about what we are sharing with him regardless of it being a prayer request or praise.
Our Commander in Chief cares about what is going on in our little corner of the world. Our Commander in Chief of the US may care generally what’s going on in the world, but he cannot concern himself with our own personal story.
As I listen to how divisive our world is I think there are some things people have forgotten. The Commander in Chief that is voted into office is human. He is bound to make mistakes. He is also not totally in charge. He has to answer to those who serve with him. He cannot solve all of our problems nor does he have the answer to all our problems. He is just a man who has been voted in, been called upon to do his best and to serve the United States.
The Commander in  Chief who has created all things and made all things possible can solve my problems and does have the answer to all my questions. Now I may not like how he solves them, I may not like how he answers my questions, but I know ultimately he has charge over my life and unlike the President he has the wisdom to know what is best for me.
Jeremiah 32:17-18 reminds me, “O Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you! You show unfailing love to thousands…” Only this Commander in Chief has made the heavens and earth. There is nothing too hard for my God. His love never fails. In verse 19, “You have all wisdom and do great and mighty miracles…” Only God has all wisdom and can perform miracles. I am afraid there are some in this world that have placed their faith in the President Commander of Chief. They look to our President to solve all the problems of their world, they look at him to bring prosperity to them and they look at him to rescue them from whatever trouble they have. I wonder if they have not made the Presidency their idol.
We must remember even though we call our President the Commander in Chief there is only one true Commander in Chief. Only one can bring us answers to our questions, only one can love us when we are lovable, and only one will reach out to us. When our world seems like it’s falling apart we need to fall on our knees and allow Him to bring it all back together again. Looking to humans who can fail us, seeking answers from those who are not wise in all things and are not all powerful in all ways will soon disappoint us. Let us remember that although we call our President Commander in Chief there is only one true and faithful Commander in Chief and that is the one we should bow down and worship. That is the one we should place our hope, faith and trust in.
Join me in praying to the One Commander in Chief for the other Commander in Chief. Let’s put our differences aside and truly worship the one that deserves our worship.
Dear God: I am reminded you are the one and only true Commander in Chief. Although we call our President Commander in Chief we know he has limited power, he is not all knowing, and he cannot love us as God loves us. He is not powerful in all ways. We also know that sometimes our human Commander in Chief fails, but you don’t. You never fail us. Be with the Commander of Chief that has been elected. Remind us he is only human and not one with all the answers. Help us to look to you, be with us as we worship, pray  and put our faith and trust in you. Amen 
God bless each of you!

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