Did You Want To Be A Teacher When You Grew Up?

I was in a class recently when the facilitator asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. There were several women present. As we went around the class many mentioned they wanted to be a teacher as an adult. Some of them accomplished their goals and they were teachers. 
I was one of them who wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I grew up in an era when teachers were in abundance. My guidance counselor directed me away from that career. I went into accounting. For several years I worked in that area. 
I have since retired (?) and I am no longer working. As I later thought about this question I realized I may not be called a teacher by the world’s definition, but I am teaching. As I write my articles or speak to groups I hope I am teaching them how to have a deeper relationship with Christ. In my books I have written I hope I have instructed them on how to move closer into a relationship with God. 
God started nudging me when I got home. I couldn’t get this teaching thing out of my head. God reminded me how we all should be teachers in this world. If we consider ourselves Christians we should be about the business of teaching others. I was quickly reminded of this scripture found in Matthew 28:20 “Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” According to this command we are to teach those who are new disciples or believers in Christ. 
I have a friend who does a mentoring program with other women and her husband does the same for men. That is one way of teaching. We are to seek from God those who need our help in learning how to live out the Christian life. We can be instructors by leading Bible Studies or talking to groups. There are a number of ways to teach others. 
I was also reminded we teach by the way we live our lives. You say you may not be able to go and instruct others, oh, but you can. I am studying the Gifts of the Spirit for the next nine months.  Galatians 5:22-23, “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!” Every time we love those who are challenging or giving us fits, you can bet someone is watching you. You are instructing them on what God taught us and that is to love those who we often find unlovable. You are teaching them about love.
When you are full of joy and peace when your life is in chaos because you know you have someone who is walking with you through this chaos and you need not worry, you are instructing others how to depend on Christ for their joy and peace not the world. 
You can certainly teach others about being kind and being good. We all know in this world and all the turmoil that is going on right now we need more people to show kindness and goodness towards others. When you are being kind and good someone is learning there is a different way to live than what the world is showing us. 
When others see how faithful we are towards God and how committed we are to him it shows those who can’t make a commitment to anything that it is possible to live with a commitment. 
Finally, we when are gentle and we keep our self-control when others lash out at us people will understand that there is a different way to respond to those unkind words often spoken by others.  It shows we don’t have to respond with those same hateful words, but with kindness and gentleness. 
We can teach by words or we can teach by actions. Some people teach one way while others teach a different way or some teach both ways; putting their words into action. 
So, as I look back yes, I wanted to be a teacher and yes I am teaching. So can you. If you wanted to be a teacher it’s not too late. Ask God to bring those students around that needs some extra tutoring on how to have a deeper relationship with God. God told Jeremiah this, “Then the Lord stretched out His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me, ‘Behold I have put My words in your mouth.” (Jeremiah 1:9). If God brings someone into our path that we are to instruct He will also give us the words. 
It is just as important to remember that your actions speak louder than words. You can instruct others just by how you act and the way you live your life. 
I think we all are called to be teachers, but it is up to us whether or not we will take this role on. Are you willing to allow God to put His words in your mouth and instruct others? 
How does the way you live your life instruct others about Christian living and having a right relationship with God?
We don’t have to be Super Heroes we just have to be teachers allowing God’s words and actions flow through us. 
Dear God, I have always been a little disappointed I wasn’t able to teach, but as I reflect back I teach in so many ways. I teach through my actions, my deeds, and the way I respond to people. May my life and my words be a blessing to you and to others so much so that others may learn from you through me. Amen 
God bless each of you!

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