The Advent Season Expectation

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”
Psalm 62:5 ESV 
The first candle of Advent was lit in many churches yesterday. The church I attend lit the candle of expectation. In my Thesaurus it reminds me expectation is defined as anticipation and suspense. 
As I thought about this I thought about the times past when I was expecting something wonderful to happen. We had gone through some rough times and I kept expecting things to change. I wasn’t in the moment or even the day I was already ahead of myself expecting change and some miracle to come and sweep me away. 
During this holiday season how many of us are expecting something wonderful to happen? How many of us are expecting things to get better if we can just get through the holidays? How many of us are living in the future waiting for things to change and make life better?
When we live expecting things to get better we often miss what is happening right before our very own eyes. We miss out on the daily blessings God has given us. We can’t see them because we are always looking ahead to the next event that will change our lives. We miss the things God does for us like bring friends our way to pray for us and support us in our need. We often miss the little extra money or the extra hours at work or the extra bonus in our paycheck that God often blesses us with. We are excited to see these things come along, but then we rush out and do what needs to be done forgetting often times to thank God for the blessings he has provided. 
 It is good to have expectations. I am all for expecting good things to happen, but when they blind us to what is happening right in front of us expecting is not always a good thing. When we can’t focus on anything but getting through whatever it is we need to get through we are losing focus on the things God does for us daily.
 We are expecting Christmas and waiting on the birth of the Christ child. I am excited and expecting to be home for the holidays, but what are we doing in the meantime? We should be preparing our homes and our hearts to accept this miracle birth that God sent us. We all know it should take nine months for a baby’s birth to happen. Parents are eagerly expecting the arrival of their baby. What would happen if they did not prepare for the arrival? When the baby arrived things would still be undone, nothing would be prepared for the baby’s sleep, or feeding times. It would be a little chaotic when the mother comes home and finds she did not prepare for the birth. 
We should spend the next few weeks expecting the Christ child to be born. We should in some way prepare our lives and our hearts to accept this Child whether through an Advent Study, prayer or worship services. There are some wonderful free Advent Studies online we can use to help us get ready. 
Are you looking forward and expecting miracles to make things better? Or are you missing out on preparing for those miracles that God will send your way? What if we all got up every day with the attitude that today was the day God would make our expectations happen? Don’t let expectations for the future blind you to what God has in store for you today.
Dear God as we wait in expectation help us to prepare our lives to accept you and be ready for your arrival. Guide us in the ways you would lead us during this Advent Season. Let us never miss out on the preparation and the many blessings you give us daily. Amen 

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