​ A Nation Divided

What a Fall! The Cubs have won the World Series and we’ve had an election. The results were surprising and the fallout is even more interesting. I am not here to discuss politics and who won or should have won. I am here to tell you what bothers me about this whole mess we find ourselves in. 
This nation is not in unity. We can’t agree on anything. We are more concerned about our own agendas or what we think is best for what we believe in. We don’t care about what others might think or what they are concerned about. It’s all about us and our ways. 
What bothers me most is we are looking at each other and seeing Ethnicity. We are seeing people as African America, Mexican, Middle Eastern, or white people with degrees and now white rural people with no degrees. When candidates run for office they are targeting a certain group like the ones I mentioned or women, or men, or those with an agenda. We are pitting men against women and this part of society against another part of society. We are pitting one social class against another social class. The list goes on and on. 
The Media is not helping when they report exactly who voted for whom. Why do I need to know what part of society voted for a certain candidate? That just tells me who I need to be upset with if I didn’t like the outcome. I now know who to blame and go after. My parents wouldn’t let me tattle tell when I was younger, but evidently its okay for the media to do it. 
Galatians 3:28 reminds us, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” I know what you are thinking that would be great if we were all one in Christ Jesus, but this world is not. We are even divided when it comes to having faith and believing in God. 
Underneath our nationalities we are a person, a human being with feelings, with hands and feet and we possess much the same emotions as each other. We get upset, we cry, we love, we get depressed, we get excited, underneath we are all the same. 
1 Peter 3:8 tells us this “Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” Those of us who have faith must be willing to be sympathetic and love those who are different from us. We must never be smug about our faith. We are called to show unity to those who have different beliefs. I am not calling for us to agree, but I am calling for us to love, listen and to come to a compromise (not compromising our faith), but coming to an agreement on how we can love and live together in harmony. 
As we sit and listen to those who have different ideas, as we reach out and love them then this scripture will be fulfilled, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35”
If we as Christians can begin to set an example to those who are angry, hurt, and fearful, if we can reach out in love to them and let them know we are not out to destroy, but to love them just as Christ loves us this world will come together in harmony. It will take the work of each one of us to step up and step out and do our part. 
It will take prayer for God’s strength to keep our mouths shut when something is said that makes our blood boil. I have wanted to respond to so many hurtful and negative things, but as I prayed about it I realized that would be adding fuel to the fire. Instead I will reach out in love and pray for healing, unity and harmony to return to this world. 
It’s time we look past the nationalities; it’s time to look past the color of our skin; it’s time to look past our social status in the world, it’s time to mend and to heal and to love.
I am praying for the Media, those in Hollywood that seems to be adding fuel to the fire and for all nations, and people to come along and join me in unity, prayer, and love. At the ballgames someone starts a wave and others join in and keep it going. Join me in the wave of praying for one another, for loving one another, and for harmony. This is the perfect opportunity for us as Christians to rise up and set an example of love and humility. It’s time for us to set an example of coming along and walking alongside people. It’s a time to show others who Christ really is and not what they think he is or what they have been told or what the Media and the Entertainers want us to believe about God. 
Won’t you join me today?
Dear Lord, I am concerned about the Media, and the Entertainers, and all of those who want to keep the fires burning. Help us as Christians to stamp out the fire, and to offer love, hope and peace to those who are struggling today. Help us to see people as your creation and not as people from a certain nation, or a certain race, or with a certain social status. Help me to be an example that others may follow and as we do we create unity and harmony and peace among all peoples from all walks of life. Amen

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