Is God Asking You to Throw Out Something That You’re Having Trouble Throwing Out?​ ​ John 8:1-11; Mark 10:17-27

I have this piece of clothing that is pretty well worn and falling apart. I really need to throw it out, but I can’t. I can’t because it is comfortable. It puts me at ease when I put it on. I feel good when I am wearing it. As I picked up this piece and looked at it once more God spoke to me like he often does. 
There are things in my life that I need to throw out, but I don’t want to because they make me feel comfortable. We all have “things” in our lives that we know are not healthy or good for us, but we aren’t ready to throw them out. It is different for each of us. I bet right now you are thinking about that one thing that is comfortable in your life that maybe God has been nudging you about. We all have them.
We won’t throw them out because we like those things, they bring us comfort. If we decided to get rid of them we’d be stepping out of our comfort zone. Comfort zones are called comfort zones for a reason. When Jesus walked this earth he often challenged those around him to get rid of something in their lives that was keeping them from a godly life. For instance the woman caught in adultery found in John 8:1-11. Christ told her to go and sin no more; throw out that way of life. Another one that comes to mind is the rich young ruler found in Mark 10:17-27. He was told to go and sell everything he had. That was pretty uncomfortable for him; so much so he didn’t do it. We hang on to those things that bring us comfort. 
I have had to give up some of my spare time and step out of my comfort zone. When I get a call and am asked to come and share with a group I often wonder why I am doing this. This is certainly stepping out of my comfort zone, but what I have found out that it is worth it. I don’t get a monetary reward. My reward comes in the form of blessings. I am so blessed every time I step out of my comfort zone. When I hear someone say to me, “I was struggling and you brought what I needed. Thank you.” Or when I meet one on one with someone and I pray with them and I look up and see the tension is gone and a smile on their face then I know why I am called to step out of my comfort zone. Throwing out my spare time to do what God calls me to do is a real challenge for me, but then come the blessings. God is in the business of blessing us, but at times we are to take a step of courage and faith before we receive those blessings. 
Stop and reflect for a few minutes. Is God asking you to throw out something that you’re having trouble throwing out? Is he calling you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown? Is he suggesting a lifestyle change or a different path to take? It may be difficult, it may be challenging, but it will be worth it. God doesn’t call us to throw something out or take something away if he doesn’t have something in store for you. Are you holding on to something so tight in your hand that you can’t let go and let God give you something new and refreshing in your life? We can’t receive something if our hand is closed so tightly we can’t open it to receive what he has for us. 
Guess I go and throw out that piece of clothing. 
Dear God; I hate getting rid of the comfortable. I enjoy my comfortable life style. I don’t always like to throw out my time so I can go and do for you. When I am willing the blessings have been great and I have been energized. Thank you for teaching me, encouraging me and pushing me to open my hand so I may receive what you have for me. Amen

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