Max His Dog Food


I have a little chiweenie dog called Max. He is getting up there in years. I will admit he isn’t as skinny as he should be; like his owners we all could lose some pounds and be just fine. Eating healthy is a challenge for us all and even snacking is something we cherish. Max loves his doggie snacks as much as I love chocolate.

We have another dog a Lab/Retriever mix. His name is Kobe. Each morning about the same time I feed the boys. Kobe gets fed outside and Max inside. One of them inevitably gets done faster and wants to eat the other’s breakfast. One morning I fed Max and almost before I could get Kobe’s out to him Max was standing next to me. I thought he surely could not have eaten that fast. I fed Kobe and went back in to check Max’s dish. Yes, he had gobbled it down and was ready for more; although he did not get more. His next date with food would be later in the day.

As I stood amazed at how fast he ate that, wondering at the same time if he even enjoyed it God poked at me. There are always lessons to be learned we just need to be aware when God is trying to teach us. I was upset with Max at how fast he ate his breakfast not taking the time to taste it or savor it.

God gently reminded me I do the same thing often. How many times do I grab my Bible or my Devotional book for the morning just to read it and gobble it up and go on? How many times am I like Max and I just read it to get it done not really enjoying it, savoring it or taking the time to see what God is really wanting me to learn from it?

He nudged me about prayer too. There are many times I go to prayer with an agenda, I pray my agenda then I say my amen and head on to the next thing on my list; often not even taking the time to be still before God and let him speak.

There are times I wonder why God is not speaking or sharing his words or thoughts with me. After this reminder I think I know why. When I don’t take the time to savor His words to me, if I don’t take the time to digest what he is trying to tell me I won’t get anything from them or him. It’s only when I slow down and pause and take the time to understand the scriptures, understand the message behind the scriptures and ponder how they affect my life will I hear from God or know his thoughts. God reveals a lot to us through scripture, but we must do our part and that is not to rush through it.

Same way with prayer; I can’t seek an answer from God then rush off without a thought about listening to him. I believe in breath prayers. They are short, sweet and fast, but we need more than that. Just as I give my dogs biscuits to munch on during the day they need more in their lives then a short sweet snack. We need something more than breath prayers some time during the day. A time when we can pause, have a conversation with God and then just sit and listen and be still.

I can even relate this to my own life. Sometimes I rush through each day going from one thing to the next marking off my list of things to do and accomplish that at the end of the day I realize I have not enjoyed my day. I have not gotten to digest one thing before I am off doing something else. I am just like Max gobbling my list down and wanting more or waiting to see what’s next; not savoring one minute of the day or those I come in contact with.

Seeing how fast Max ate his breakfast has taught me a lesson. I need to slow down. I need to spend some quality time in God’s words; savoring and digesting what I am reading. I need to stop rushing through my prayer list. I need to mention each name or situation and pause and let me and God take it all in. Then I need to sit and be in his presence and again savor the time I have with him.

I need to stop cramming so much into my day I can’t enjoy my day or those I come in contact with. I need to enjoy my days and not just go through the motions of living.

How about you? Does this apply to you as well? Do you rush through your devotions or prayer time? Do you rush through your day? Do you take the time to savor each moment and those you come in contact with?

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” – Proverbs 16:3 Take the time to make a commitment to the Lord. Slow down and he will begin to make a new plan for your life; savor each minute, digest what is read and be still.

Dear God: It amazes me how you teach me in the simple things of life. I never would have thought a dog eating so fast would have a lesson for me. Let me be aware of the lessons you have all around me. Help me to start slowing down, savoring each minute and each visit with those I come in contact with and help me to not be a gobbler, but one who really enjoys the Word you give me each day. Amen 


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