It’s A Done Deal!​

I am in charge and have been for several months of a program that the United Methodist Women has each autumn. I have had a wonderful committee. They have been wonderful guiding me in my first year of taking on this task.
The last week before the event several emails, phone cards and messages were circulating. I had forgotten some minor detail that another remembered and we soon got it taken care of. Some sent notes wondering about name tags and registration at the event. I soon found myself worrying about all the little details I had forgotten. Everyone was wonderful to chip in and help at the last minute. As the time approached my husband noticed I was a bit edgy. If it did not go well, this would all be on me. I wanted my first annual fall meeting to go well; maybe not perfect but well. There were so many details to be taken care of at the last minute. How would it all fall into place?
I was suddenly reminded when we turn our life over to God we don’t have to worry about all the small details of our everyday lives. He is in charge and we are to let go. I am teaching children on Wednesday evenings at our after school program. The word we are focused on for the next few weeks is faith. I ask the children to give me their description of faith. One said confidence, another said trust, another said belief in someone or something and then boldness. I really thought the kids came through on that one. When we turn our lives over to Christ we can be confident that he will take care of all the small details that we want to stew over. We can trust him to work out the details of our lives while we work on having faith in him. If we truly belief in him then we can quit stressing over how our lives will turn out or what direction we are to take. We can be bold in our faith as we allow God to work out the details. We can be bold and share the gospel with others because we are not worried about what may or may not happen.
1 Peter 5:7 says this, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” He cares about us so much that he does not want us having anxiety over those small or even the big details of our lives. God has it covered we just need to let him handle it.
So, I am done worrying about the details and I am going to enjoy the event and know God has it covered.
Dear God, thank you for taking care of the details of our lives. Remind me each day you have it covered and I can go out in boldness knowing it’s a done deal. Amen

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