Dancing to the Beat Of My Own Music

The book that I am reading talks about life is like dancing with Jesus. We can either let Him lead us or we can lead and do our own thing. I know when I have done my own thing I have stepped on toes, it’s usually not smoothly and rhythmically correct and it’s out of balance. When I let Jesus lead I it’s like a beautiful dance between two people in love. 
In this last chapter he mentions how we must dance to the beat that Jesus gives us not what others want us to dance to. He talks about it being our own dance with him and how it’s not a dance competition. 
Too many times I think churches and individuals get caught up in thinking we are in competition with one another in Faith. Just think how different it might have been if the Pharisees had seen Christ not as an enemy, or someone to fear, but saw him dancing to his own beat of music and accepted him. 
We fear what we don’t know. We can’t hear the music someone else is dancing to. We don’t always understand the moves to a dance Christ is leading others in. Instead of criticizing or degrading one another we need to learn to accept and appreciate the dance. Some of the more modern dances I do not have the ability or desire to do, but does it make it wrong if someone else dances that way? 
I may not understand where Christ is leading them in the dance, I might even think they are going in the wrong direction, but if they are following God’s lead then it is not for me to say they are getting it wrong; I must just sit back and watch and feel the love they have for one another. 
At times my rhythm might be faster and it might be hard for you to keep your eyes on my dance at other times the rhythm might be slower and make you drowsy. The dance you see me do just might be a rhythmic flow and be beautiful other times it might seem out of sync and confusing. There will be times you will wonder who is leading the dance and where the leader is taking the dance partner. Other times you will see the movement and understand. 
Each of us has our own dance and the beat of our own music. Just like the author says it’s not a competition. 
There is a popular dance competition on TV. Where judges judge each performance. Some are judged higher than others while others get a lower score. Now I know this is based on the skill of the dancers, but now as I think about it I know the judges hear the music that is being performed by each group of dancers, but they can’t feel the music as the dancers do. There is something about feeling Jesus as you dance and letting him carry you away in His arms. It’s about letting go and letting Jesus sweep you away to his own rhythm. It’s about being in sync with him. The numbers or the score doesn’t matter. What others think about your dance doesn’t matter. It’s all about you and Jesus dancing to the beat he has for you and taking you where he wants you to go. 
If you don’t understand my dance it’s okay; just sit back and enjoy watching us dance. I may not understand your dance either but I will learn to appreciate your dance and know it’s you and Jesus having the time of your life on the dance floor. 
Dance with the one who is offering you His hand. Don’t be afraid. Together you and he will be beautiful dancers and your dance will be uniquely your own. 
Dear Lord, thank you for picking me out of the crowd and wanting to dance with me. I know I sometimes stumble and I am not an easy partner to dance with, but you never give up on me and you never stop loving me. Sometimes I grab the lead and the dance turns out all wrong and then other times I allow you to lead and it’s a beautiful thing. Let me be willing to be led by you more and lead less. May those who can’t hear my beat not criticize or judge, but just watch and appreciate what’s happening. Remind me just like they can’t hear my beat I can’t hear theirs and I must not judge either. Let me learn to appreciate the dance and the dancers and to feel the love between them. And the dance goes on. Amen

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