A Nation In Trouble

We are a nation in turmoil. We are a nation that is facing many decisions and issues and at the same time ignoring some of the biggest problems we have.
It disturbs me that as a nation we are arguing over who should go to what bathroom. I am disturbed at the amount of money our politicians are spending on campaigning. I am upset about what the government and those in charge think is important while other issues are being ignored.
We have a serious problem with hunger. Everyday people are going without food. Most of those going without food are our older generation and our younger generation. I have heard stories over and over about having to choose between medicine or health care and food. Many opt for medicine and health care instead of food. Our church has a back pack ministry for children who are hungry. Each week we fill back packs full of food just so our children will have something to eat on the weekends. The number starts out small and by the end of the year the number of children receiving back packs grow. We have a nation of people who are hungry and can’t afford to eat.
We are now consumed with the homeless population. We want the tent cities to be gone. Why? Because it makes our neighborhoods and cities look bad. We don’t really care about these people we just want them gone. We want to impress instead of caring. Most of these people were once productive citizens, some fought for our country and some have mental illness, but we don’t have the money to invest in them to help them. We’d rather spend our money going to court arguing over bathroom issues or we’d rather spend our money making sure our candidate gets elected. Building homes for the homeless, providing safe houses and providing counseling is not on our agenda. Let someone else take care of it or let’s just get rid of it but let’s not deal with it in a Christian way.  
We have people committing crime at a constant rate.  We have people committing murder every day. Instead of looking for a cause, instead of trying to understand what is going on we blame the gun industry and try to make laws tighter so people can’t get guns. Maybe instead of spending so much time arguing about guns, and who killed who we should begin to understand the real problem. I believe the real problems begin with lack of education and proper training at home because it takes two incomes to survive, I believe the real problem is drugs and the cost to finance a drug habit. I believe the real problem is not listening and not caring. We shoot now and ask questions later. May be we should start asking questions before we start looking for who to blame. 
We have crashes every day in our country. Most of these crashes are preventable. We have people who think that the text message they are getting or the phone call they are receiving is far more important than someone’s life. We are a nation of people who are traveling too fast and pay far less attention on what is happening as we drive. We have a nation that thinks it is okay to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We are a nation that is in a hurry to get somewhere and we don’t care whose life we are risking.
That is just some of the major problems I see in America. Instead of focusing on these problems what are we focused on? Who’s right to lead us into the next four years? We aren’t even talking about causes like homelessness, or hunger or drugs, or crime instead we are acting like a two year old calling each other names. Instead of focusing our attention on education and what’s best for our children we are focused on bathroom issues. 
We are in trouble.
So was the Israel nation in the Old Testament. How many times did God threaten to do away with the Israel nation? They would turn from their ways and follow Him and then soon fall away again.
Many of us are trying to do what we can to help the homeless, those who are hungry and to try and understand the pain and anger that are in so many of us today. But, until we unite and come together and pray we might not make it.
“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
“Each time the message was this: ‘Turn from the evil road you are traveling and from the evil things you are doing. Only then will I let you live in this land that the LORD gave to you and your ancestors forever.” Jeremiah 25:5
Our nation is more concerned about satisfying self and gaining what one can for self than caring about our neighbor. We are so concerned with getting ahead, getting their first, and being the best that we have forgotten to love those along our way instead we are trampling people. It’s all about our own agendas and what’s best for me.
It’s time we put our best interest aside and get back to caring for others. It’s time to set aside our own agendas and follow God’s agenda. It’s time to get down on our knees and pray for not only our selves but for the nation. It’s time to reach out to others in need and to live peacefully instead of being in a constant turmoil. We can’t even as a nation sit down like humans and discuss topics without name calling, or anger stepping in. We need to sit and listen to one another. We need more War Rooms full of praying people.
We need to come together and listen to one another. I mean really listen. We need to put our own agendas aside and listen to what the real problems is and then compromise. We need to work together to come up with a solution instead of allowing courts or judges decide. We need to pray and ask God for answers to what concerns us and ask God to help us work together instead of tearing another apart.
It’s time we prayed. We have one day of National Prayer and how many days for baseball tourneys, or basketball tourneys, or football or anything else. Maybe if we as a nation spent more time in prayer and less time being entertained our world would look different. We treat actresses and actors as if they are gods. We allow them lead us where we ought not to be going. 
Finally, I am asking each of you to share God’s love and His message with one another. People are searching for something they just don’t know what. Let’s help them find the One who they are searching for. Let us boldly and fearlessly start sharing the gospel with those who are lost and need to find their way.
Think about what would happen if a group would get together each time the Senate, Congress or our City Councils meet and instead of arguing we quietly pray; the point is not to cause a big scene, but to quietly bow our heads and pray; pray until the meeting is over. Pray for peace, pray for each person and pray for God’s will to be done.
We have lost the power of prayer. It’s time we found our power once again. That power is in Christ Jesus and in prayer. United together in prayer we can change the world won’t you join me in praying for a change? 
Dear God: I am concerned that just like Israel long ago we have turned to wicked ways. We have allowed Satan to come in and take over in so many areas of our lives. I am asking for you to help turn this nation around. I am asking that Satan and his evil ways be removed from every public office and every town official. That men and women for the heart of God will start to lead our nation once more. I pray for others to join me as I pray for a nation in trouble. Forgive us O Lord and lead us back to you. Amen 

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