In the Palm of His Hands

You know how you get a phrase, word or song stuck in your head and you just can’t let it go? That is me this morning. And the phrase is…
In the palm of His hands is the phrase I just can’t get out of my head. As I reflected on this I began to see why. I have several friends that are going through some tough times. One friend is dying from cancer, another friend has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, another friend will be having surgery hoping to restore some mobility, there is leadership that needs changing, a friend has lost her husband to heart issues and lot of folks are concerned about where the world is headed and the election we are facing.
I pray for all of these issues and I keep hearing God say, but I have all of these issues in the palm of my hands it will be okay.  Isaiah 49:16 says this, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” When the world around us is falling apart we need to remember God has us in His hands. We are covered with His love, His protection and His plans for our lives.
Psalm 91:4 adds this, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” When we need refuge all we need to do is to stop and remember this scripture. We are covered by his feathers and we are under His wings. I love the saying, “Nothing will happen today that you and God cannot handle together.” 
Josh Groban sings this song….
You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord,
Who abide in His shadow for life,
Say to the Lord, “My Refuge,
My Rock in Whom I trust.”
And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
The snare of the fowler will never capture you,
And famine will bring you no fear;
Under His Wings your refuge,
His faithfulness your shield.
And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
You need not fear the terror of the night,
Nor the arrow that flies by day,
Though thousands fall about you,
Near you it shall not come.
And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
For to His angels He’s given a command,
To guard you in all of your ways,
Upon their hands they will bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.
And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
We are not to fear anything because He holds us in the palm of his hands. It’s so easy to look at our surroundings and fear what we see that’s happening around us or we fear the unknown. We are to take each day and live it as if it’s your last.
I can remember as a child being afraid. When I was afraid, sad, or disappointed I would crawl up on my daddy’s lap or go to my mom and they’d wrap their arms around me and tell me everything would be okay. That’s the way it is with God only better. 
When we are fearful, sad or disappointed we just need to stop and remember God is in the midst of all of this. I have been told often here lately I needed to create a place where I can go and meditate and dwell in His Presence for just a little while. I have done that in two places. One is in my spare bedroom. I have books, Bibles, and a candle. The other place is outside on my cabana. For the last two or three days because a lot has been happening I have spent quite a bit of time just sitting, meditating and reading God’s words. I have been in prayer and then spent some time listening. I have even argued with God I don’t always like what is happening…that’s when He reminded me He has me in the palm of His hands. 
Psalm 46:10 reminds me, “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Another word for striving is struggling. So if you substitute words it would say, “Cease struggling and know that I am God…” 
I know it’s hard when we are in the midst of all that is going on around us, but I have found in recent days I do better going to my quiet place, spending time with God and listening and then remembering, He has me in the palm of His hands. 
Do you need to be reminded you are in the palm of God’s hands? When is the last time you quieted your heart, stopped your busyness and spent time with God? Close your eyes and see God’s palms turned up and cupped. Do you see yourself and your situation in them? If not, then seek Him. Ask Him to show you in His cupped hands. Once we remember we are covered by God’s wings, once we remember we are in His hands, peace will abound. When you’re finished praying play Josh’s song and then smile and feel the peace that comes from knowing you are in God’s hands. 
Dear God sometimes I get too busy and I forget that you have covered me. I see the hurt in people, the disappointment and the heartache and I want to cry with them. I hurt for those who are hurting; physically, mentally and spiritually. You have reminded me that it will be okay. You have reminded me of the peace I have felt after getting down off of my mom or daddy’s lap. When I am covered in heartache I need to be still and know you’ve got my back. Thank you for these last few days for the peace that has come, for the strength to press on and for all the many blessings you have allowed me to experience in my quiet time. I don’t know what the days ahead have in store, but I know there is nothing coming my way we can’t handle together. Thank you Sweet Jesus. Amen 

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