​Three Way Switches

I love it when God gives me a phrase or a word for a blog and then before too long He gives me the
whole thing. This is one of those times. I was reading a devotion when I came across a phrase and then He shared with me what I am about to share with you. God is amazing.
The phrase went something like “don’t like your light dim”. As I was thinking about this I remembered on some of my lights in the living room I have 3 way light bulbs. I can do a little light, a bright
light and then I can really make it bright; it’s the same way over my kitchen table. If I don’t care to see too much I can turn the light on just to have some light. If I want to see things a little better I
switch it up to the next level and if I am doing needle work then I go all out and turn it all the way up. The light is bright and I can see clearly.
As I thought about this I thought that is the way I have been. When I first came to Christ I had the light in me, but it was dim. I wasn’t ready for all the brightness so I gradually turned on my light for
Christ. As I grew in Christ my light became a little brighter. There were times as I went to retreats, Bible Studies and church my light grew brighter so I could really see things clearer. In each step of
maturity our light gets a little brighter.
I have the power to choose which lighting I want in the room I am in. That’s the way I am today. I am
afraid many of us are like this. We have control over what kind of lighting we choose for our lives as
well. I have found out that when I have the light on the brightest it can be I can often see the dirt and
dust in my house; in other words I can really see the mess in my house. That’s the way it is with me at
times. Some days I just want Christ to shine His light on me, but I don’t want it to be so bright I can see the mess I have made of my life. I just want enough light for me to see by. When people go by the house they can barely see the light when it is on low, but it is visible. That’s the way it is with me when I have the lower light of Christ in my life. People can barely see it, they know it’s there, but it’s not really helping me see clearly or helping them along their path.
Some days I want to be in the Light and I want to see what God has in store for me so I turn on my
light a little brighter. Things are a little clearer to me and this brighter light often guides my path and
can help others along the way. This light helps me to see better what I am reading and how to apply it
to my life. This is where I am most of the time. Right in the middle, I don’t care to see all the mess, but I can see some of it. It’s enough light for me just to feel comfortable.
When I am doing needle work I need the light to be bright so I can actually see what I am doing and
where I am going with my stitches. When the print is small the brighter light helps me to see the words
better. I can get better directions, figure out where I am going and what direction I need to take. Yes, I
can see the mess in my house, but you know what? When I see the messy house I have a tendency to do some neglected house cleaning. That’s the way it is when I let Christ’s light shine brightly in me. When I really want the light of Christ to do some work in me then I turn up the light so bright I can see where Christ needs to do some cleaning in me. I have thought about when I turn this light on too. I often turn this light on when I am in Bible Studies or retreats, or even in church on Sunday morning. I choose to turn the light on so I can focus clearly on the word of God. When I allow the bright light to shine I can really see the mess and know it’s time for God to move deeper in me.
The three way switch is powerful. It lets us choose our lighting. The dimmer light is good for us when we first start out with Christ, but it is important to keep turning the light up a little brighter as we mature
in Christ. If we really want Christ to do some deep cleaning in us and if we really want our light to
shine then we need that bright light in us. The bright light in us helps others find their way as well.
We have the choice which brightness we want each day as we get up. We have the power to keep it low or make it as bright as we can. Which will you choose today?
You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden;
nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket,
 but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16
Dear Lord, forgive me when I don’t let my light shine as brightly as I should. Forgive me when I just want enough light to barely see you. Those days when I am stuck in the middle remind me it’s time to turn up my bright lights so I can clearly see the sin in my life and allow you to do some cleaning. It’s my choice help me to make the right choice today. Amen.

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