What is My Purpose?​


Note to self: “What is my purpose in life?” I asked the void. “What if I told you that you fulfilled it when you took an extra hour to talk to that kid about his life?” Said the voice. 

“Or when you paid for that young couple in that restaurant? Or when you saved that dog in traffic? 
Or when you tied your father’s shoes for him? 
Your problem is that you equate purpose with goal-based achievement. 
God or the universe or morality isn’t interested in your achievements…just your heart. 
When you choose to act out of kindness, compassion, and love, you are already aligned 
with your true purpose. No need to look any further.” From notetoselfphilosophy.com
This was on our church’s Facebook page one morning. This is powerful stuff. The coincidence or Godcidence in all of this is a friend of mine came the previous Sunday morning to our class and shared he was struggling with this very same thing. We all have spent time struggling with this. Why am I here? What good am I?
I wasn’t going to respond to this. I thought it said it all, but God kept nudging me. So here it goes. Maybe our station in life is just as simple as it is stated above. What if our only purpose is to guide a young person into the ministry? What if by our actions and words we lead him/her into following and finding Christ and then into ministry? Someone had to be his guide and mentor. That could be just your calling. 
So one day my daughter and her family were having dinner. They held hands and prayed in a restaurant after their meal came. A little while later they found out a man paid for their dinner. He wanted them to know he appreciated their taking the time to pray before a meal. It was a witness to him and others. He recognized their efforts and they were rewarded. Now they did not do this for a reward this is just something they do, but it reaffirmed their faith in God. What if some couple is struggling with praying in a public place and by your paying for their meal reaffirms them? You made their faith a little stronger.
It is our actions that say the biggest words. I am realizing we all can’t be a Moses or a Billy Graham. God calls those men to His service. It would be great if we could say at the end of our life, “Well I saved the Israelites from Pharaoh or I saw thousands of people come to Christ during one of my crusades.” But I think the best thing that could be said at the end of our lives is, “Well, he led a Godly life in the places God put him. He shared Christ with those who might not have even heard of Christ.” Or maybe they will say, “What a father or mother he was to have raised a Godly son or daughter that is in the ministry or the mission field or wherever God has led them.”
What if by being kind or doing a kind word we lift someone’s spirit? What if something we say or do leads someone to Christ? I think that should be our purpose in life. We’d all like to have all kinds of accolades when we die, but is that really what God wants from us? Does He really want to hear about all the great jobs we’ve had or the great things we might have invented, or that we solved the answers to all the world’s problems? I don’t think so. It’s all about how we loved one another and the kind things we have done to encourage on another. It’s those heart things, those small things we do every day that matter. If we could all be Billy Grahams who would there be to come to the Crusades that he held? 
In Micah 6:8 God has already given us His purpose for our lives, “But he’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, And don’t take yourself too seriously— take God seriously. “(The Message)  I have said this before and it’s worth repeating, “Moses didn’t seek out the burning bush, God sent the burning bush to Moses.” Moses lived a Godly life doing those things Micah talked about. God saw the kind of life Moses was leading and knew Moses was right for the job. If God has something for us like a Moses job to do He will bring it to us, but in the meantime we have to follow Moses and live our lives doing what God calls us to do in Micah. 
I would much rather have someone say at my Eulogy she was a compassionate woman and loyal in love. If I can’t be compassionate in my everyday mundane life, if I can’t love people exactly where I am at what makes me think I can be compassionate doing those big things in life?
It’s not about serving God in a big way; it’s about serving God in the small way in our everyday mundane lives. It’s about leading a child to Christ, it’s about giving a smile to the clerk when she has just been treated poorly, it’s about listening one more time to the same story from someone who has memory loss, it’s those small things we do that will one day matter to God when we are judged by our actions. 
If I only lead one person to Christ in my lifetime then I have done what God has called me to do. If I never become a famous author (which I am not banking on) but my books lead one person to Christ then I have done what I was called to do. 
 “He has told you, human one, what is good and what the Lord requires from you: to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8  I wish all of you success in all of your endeavors, but I pray that each of you will follow this word from God and live each day to its fullest doing those simple tasks that can mean so much to someone else. 
God’s purpose for our lives is to live for Him in our everyday mundane lives, to love those we come in contact with and to serve Him and to bring others to Christ. Moses and Billy Graham lived Godly lives and God led them into service. You never know what God will call you to do, but first we need to live Godly lives for Him. We needn’t wait for God to call us and they try to live Godly lives. We first need to live Godly lives. 
My purpose on earth may not be to win thousands of people to Christ or to lead people out of bondage. My purpose may be just to love those God put in my path and to encourage others as they journey on their way to Christ. My purpose in life may be nothing more than to pray and lift others up. My whole purpose in life is to do what God requires me to do; to do justice, to embrace and love those He has put in my path and to remain humble all the time. 
It’s living for Christ in the every day that matters not what we do or what we can accomplish. It’s living fully for Him. What is your purpose in life? God has told you what the Lord requires. Now it’s our decision whether or not we are going to obey Him. 
Together let’s live Godly lives on a day to day basis doing those small things that makes a big difference in someone’s life. 
Dear Lord: Why do I struggle with such heavy questions when the answer is right in front of me? You have told me what you require. I can ask and ask, but it’s right there. Once I have the answer it is my decision to follow you or keep asking. Show me each day how I can live for you more fully. Guide me as I do those simple tasks that I don’t think have any meaning, but yet can change a life. Thank you for men like Moses and Billy Graham, but thank you also for those men and women who live a Godly life on a daily basis and make a difference in people’s lives. Amen

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