Indiana Jones

This weekend one of my commitments will be coming to an end. I don’t finish technically until the end of the year, but my obligations will be done on Saturday. I was Spiritual Growth for United Methodist Women on the District level. This weekend I will be sharing my last devotional with them. I was wondering what I could give them then I realized I can’t give them anything; it’s what God wants them to receive through me.
Four years ago when I took this position I wasn’t sure I was capable or qualified or could do it. When Miss Marzie asked me I thought she was nuts…why me? This was beyond me. I always ask God to let me know if this is from Him or others before I say yes. After much prayer God led me through that door. Now Miss Marzie and God did not tell me all that would be asked of me. If they had I am not sure I would have taken the job. I later found out that I would be asked to give devotionals not only in the District meetings, but at the District Events in front of people. I could do District meetings, not a biggie, but at District events where several people always attended? My worst fear is public speaking and that was what God had called me to. This was so not funny, God.
As I prepared to step out in faith a few things came to mind. The first one was God does not call the equipped; He equips those called. If God wanted me to do this He would give me those tools and those things I would need to do this job.
Another thing I had remembered was the saying, “God does not give us things we can handle; God handles those things we are given.” We often think of this as those difficulties we go through, but this is also true for anything we are given…even a job or responsibility. So if He was handing this to me I could be assured He would handle anything that came my way.
One more thought was this one, “If God brings you to it He will get you through it.” I knew God had brought this to me. I had not gone out searching for this job. Someone once said something like Moses was not looking for a burning bush God brought the bush to Him. We don’t go out looking for areas to get involved in; we wait for God to bring them to us. If He does bring things to us then He will help us get through them. I could be well assured once more if I was going to speak to large crowds God would be by my side helping me get through my worst fears.
One of my favorite scriptures was added to my thought, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”( Jeremiah 29:11) God knew the plans He had for me and I knew He had never harmed me in the past and He wasn’t about to do it now. He promised in this verse to prosper me. He certainly has held up His end of the bargain. I have met so many wonderful women and have grown to love so many of them. I have spoken in churches and in UMW groups. I have been blessed. My rose garden of friends has blossomed and grown so much I can’t see an ending to it. 
Finally, the last piece of the puzzle came together. My husband loves watching some shows I’d soon not watch. At first I wasn’t sure about Indiana Jones, but this movie has come into play twice in my life. The first time is when Indiana Jones is looking over an abyss. He needs to get to the other side, but sees no way of getting there. Finally, he realizes he has to take a leap of faith; he has to trust in the unknown. He takes that first step and a bridge automatically appears, he starts out walking and it’s a bit shaky, but He makes it to the other side. That was God’s message to me; I just needed to trust Him and He would provide the steps it would take to get to the other side. I have now made it to the other side and yes it was a bit shaky, but together God and I have made it. 
In the last four years I have grown spiritually in leaps and bounds not because of anything I have done, but because of what God has done in me. I have trusted in Him for every step I have taken. 
So my message for you and for the ladies this weekend will be this: If God calls you out of your comfort zone go for it! I know you will feel much the same way I did, but if God did it for me He will surely do it for you. Take the tools that I have used, put them in your bag (heart or mind or wherever else) and start your journey. Just as the scripture promises He won’t harm you and you will prosper. 
One final scripture I have always taken with me is this: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13 )You can do anything as long as you do it through Christ and not your own strength. Just like me one day you will get to the other side and you will look back to see how far you have gone and you will see it may have been shaky at times, but you and God made it together. You will be ready just like I am for His next challenge. My next challenge has already been issued, I have already accepted it and the abyss looks a little scarier, but I know once I take that first leap of faith I can count on God to be with me every step of the way. He will provide the steps for me if I just keep my eyes on Him. 
A saying I found once and is in my bible is: true faith launches you into the danger zone between who you are now and who God wants you to become. (Taken from Moses Steps to a Life of Faith by Bob Saffrin)
My last bit of encouraging words is found in this: maybe part of trusting God is coming to the place where you realize you can’t do anything for yourself anymore. I couldn’t do this on my own, I had to trust God. You can’t do this on your own, you must trust God. 
Just like Indiana Jones stepping out and taking that first step is crazy and scary, but take it from someone on the other side, it’s possible to do with God leading you and providing the right steps at the right time. Now what is it God’s calling you to do?
Dear Lord, four years ago I was scared, frightened and thought you had called the wrong person, but You equipped me to do what needed to be done. I took the first step and you provided the rest. It was a bit shaky at times, but I never fell. I am now on the other side and I am thankful for your blessings and the prosperity you have provided. The women I have come to know and love is worth all the stress and headaches I might have gone through. The opportunities to show and share your love in the places I have been allowed to speak at have been heartwarming and amazing. I cherish these memories and these women close to my heart. Guide me once more as I take the step of faith into the next phase of my life. Amen 

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