​No Plain Cup of Tea For Me Thank You! ​ Kristi Anderson

My family and I are tea drinkers not coffee drinkers. My mom and dad had four children and not one of us ever drank coffee. When people talk about having their first cup of coffee in the morning I think about my first cup of tea. My oldest daughter and I share a love for tea. We often buy flavored tea and share our find.
One day she called me and she told me she had to share something with me. It had to do with her morning tea and devotions. I wanted to share with you what she wrote. On Friday there will be a follow up for me. So as the old guy used to say, “Stay tuned for the rest of the story.”
A while back I was in shopping and I came across something I felt I had to have. It was nothing special, but it was different. If you know me, I like different things. It was a coffee mug. What is so special about it you ask? It was clear. I was drawn to it. I bought a matching set (yes, OCD). I took them home then wondered why I got them. They were plain; nothing special. I washed them, and then put them away. 
Then one morning, it was chilly. I decided to fix me a cup of tea. I put my mug in the microwave and got my water hot. When the microwave was done I got my tea bag and my water and my sugar and took a seat at the table. It was as I dipped my tea bag into the clear water, that I noticed a change taking place.
You have just regular water. Adding something to it makes the water turn into something else, something different. Then when your tea is strong enough, you might add something else. I like to add sugar. My husband likes to add honey. Some people might add a little lemon. Whatever you add, you make your tea a little better each time until you have the perfect cup of tea.
As I got to thinking of these things, it was then that I realized that we are the cup of tea. We start out as something plain and ordinary. (Or so we think lol). Then we add a visit to a church or a church service of some type. We get warmed up to the idea of a God loving us despite all our faults and failures. Romans 5:8 tells us, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
  Then we add things to our lives to make it better. Perhaps we add bible study or bible reading. Maybe we add sharing the gospel. Whatever it is that we add to our life, we improve on our life. Just like the cup of tea we added things to our cup of tea to make it better.
Try an experiment with me. Fix a cup of tea using just your tea bag. Take a sip. What does it taste like? Ponder that thought. If we just go to a church but do nothing to make things better, how simply plain is that? If we do nothing to our lives to make it better, what is the result? 
Now, fix another cup of tea. Add sugar, honey or whatever it is you add. Mark the sweet versus the plain. Taste the sweetened tea. Wow?! What a difference! If you add a little something more to your life, you can make your life a little sweeter, a little better. “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103
 On the outside, both teas look similar. However, if you taste the inside of the mug, you can tell a real difference. Two people may look the same, but if you add extra ingredients to draw you closer to God you will live a much sweeter life. 
Yes, Jesus is in your heart, but make your life sweeter. Add some bible study. Add some fellowship. Add some nurturing and caring for others. Then you will look back and see just how sweet your life has been. “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8
I knew I knew these things, but it is always good to be reminded; out of the mouth of babes. She bought be a cup so I could try the experiment myself and even though I knew this to watch and taste the transformation is pretty awesome. That’s the way it is with us. It’s exciting to watch a life come to God, but it’s even more exciting to watch them grow in Christ as they add Bible Studies, retreats or daily devotion to their lives. 
It’s up to each of us. We can have a ordinary cup of tea and not add anything to it or we can add those things Kristi mentioned and make it a little sweeter. As she reminded us we can add Christ to our lives and leave it there or we can add elements to our lives and watch the transformation of being a stronger, sweeter person in Him. Thanks Kristi for the reminder. 
Dear God thank you for teaching us in simple things like a cup of tea, or cup of coffee. It’s not enough just to ask you into our lives we need to go a step further and add those things that will make our relationship stronger in you. Bible studies are a great way to learn, grow and share. Prayer is so important and your words are sweet to our ears. Amen

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