Meet Mr. Kobe

​I have mentioned in passing we have a new pup. He is a Lab mix and just a little over a year old. He is what they call a rescue dog. We were searching for a pup for our kids and came across Kobe and someone in our house fell in love with him. We are still in the search for a pup for the kids. 
I have forgotten what it is like to have a pup. Max our older dog is probably 8 years old. He is settled down and not as hyper as Kobe. One of the things Kobe enjoys doing is getting things that don’t belong to Him or getting things we don’t want him to have. I have several stuffed animals and yes, most of them are frogs. Kobe loves my stuffed animals. I spend most of my days taking stuffed animals or shoes or numerous other things away from him. It’s not like he doesn’t have his own toys. We have given him bones, chew toys, and even his own stuffed armadillo (which he managed to destroy in 2 days time). When he comes out with things he’s not supposed to have I take them away and remind him he has toys of his own; things he’s allowed to have. It is a learning process with Kobe. 
s God often does He gently reminded me I am a lot like Kobe. How so God? God gently reminded me He gives me the things I need; not always the things I want. “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 God reminded me there are some things that just like Kobe I want; but God has to remind me sometimes those things are not what’s best for me. God has my best interest at heart just like we have Kobe’s best interest at heart. 
Being the adult I know what’s best for Kobe. I know chocolate is not good for him, I know over feeding him can be detrimental to his health, and I know as much as he’d like chew bones everyday they are not good for him. I get aggravated at Kobe because he won’t let me help him with healthy choices. He always runs after things that are not good for him. 
I realize I do the same thing. I sometimes go after those things that are not always healthy for me, I go after those things that I think will make me happy, and I go after those things that look appealing to me. I might be just like Kobe and hear God say, “Now you know you can’t have those things right now.” You know those things are not what I want you to pursue. Those things are just things I don’t want you to have.” Yet, time and time again I go after them. 
Just like Kobe it’s a lesson I have to learn. I have to learn God will provide for me those things He thinks I need. All those extra things God gives me are a blessing. I said a few weeks ago, “God gives us what we need and sometimes before we know we even need it.” I believe that. God will give us what we need to succeed in this life; to make this journey walking with Him a blessing for ourselves, Him and others. We just have to be willing to be content with what God gives us and when He is ready to give it to us. 
I get aggravated because I think sometimes Kobe is a slow learner, but then I think I hear God laughing and saying, “You’re not?” I must admit I am more like Kobe than I’d like to admit. 
I am confident someday Kobe will get it and my stuff animals will be safe; Max got it. I am not so confident I will get it. I am sure just because I live in the world I will continue to have those earthly desires that are not always good for me. I will see those things my friends have and wish I could have them, or do them, or whatever. But, I must remember just like I know what’s best for Kobe; God knows what’s best for me. I want Kobe to learn to be obedient, but then isn’t that what God wants from me? Kobe’s desires keep him from being obedient. Ummm….I think that is so my problem. 
Dear God: Kobe is teaching me about obedience and how often I get it wrong. I know what’s best for Kobe and sometimes his desires get in the way of his obedience, but then I am the same way. My desires often get in the way of my obedience. Sometimes I desire things that are not right for me, or healthy, or just not in my good interest. You let me know that, but just like Kobe I go after them forgetting you know what’s best. Help me to put aside my earthly desires and learn obedience is the best option. Remind me you know what’s best and you have my best in the palm of your hands. Amen. 

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