Oops Not on the Calendar!

​Today I will share another one of my downfalls for the first of the year and share scripture that helps me deal with my downfall. 
I used to be one that carried a calendar with me everywhere I went. If it wasn’t on the calendar then it wasn’t happening. I have definitely gotten out of that habit for a couple of reasons. The first reason is I can’t remember to get my calendar out of my purse and plug in dates or times things are happening and I can’t remember that my phone has a calendar on it. It would be simple enough to get my phone out (which I carry constantly with me) and type in dates and times. I just don’t seem to do it for one reason or another.
I don’t like clutter and I consider myself somewhat organized, but I fail miserably when it comes to event planning. The second reason I have trouble with a calendar is because of an event that happened several years ago. Between God and Greg I learned really quickly it was not a good idea to have so many things going on I couldn’t be called on by my husband or God when they needed me or wanted me to do something.
I can honestly say I have not missed a doctor’s appointment, a dentist appointment or any meetings I am required to attend. Now I can say I have over booked myself and I can say there have been times I was supposed to be at two places at the same time….oops.
Once again this year I am trying to get my act together. My nephew bought his brother a notebook calendar for Christmas; the right size for a larger purse. It was not what my nephew wanted. To make a long story short my nephew blessed me with it. With a new confidence of having a working calendar I took it with pride. I came back from Indiana, sat down at the table with a pen and my new calendar and started writing events in. Yea! I am doing it; I just don’t know how long this practice will work. I am sure as in years past I will be good at doing this for a few months and then I will reluctantly slide back into my old habit of not knowing where it is or getting it out of my purse to add dates. I will be disappointed because I have missed birthdates and anniversaries and other important events in people’s lives.
The other problem I often have is there might be something on my calendar for a certain date, but I forget to get my calendar out and look at what’s happening before I make plans with others. Then I disappoint myself because I really wanted to do something with someone, but I already have something I was supposed to do. Ok, so you see I am not what they call an Event Planner. I often take things as they come and do those things that are right in front of me and I don’t always plan my events.
Sometimes this has been frustrating for me. I found a scripture that has helped me not become discouraged at Event Planning. It comes from Jeremiah 29:11 and says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  I have learned I can plan on doing things and I can plan my life, but God is much better at knowing the plans He has for me than I do.
As I said earlier I can have my calendar filled out and be so organized it’s not good for me. Several years ago I was a church secretary. I had bulletins to do, newsletters to create, print and mail, I had meetings that needed to be planned. I was in a small church. It was just me and the minister. I believe it was February when my husband came home with a big announcement. He had good news, bad news. The bad news was he was laid off for a week; the good news was he was leaving for Florida in three days. Uh, no! It was not on my calendar. I had way too much to do. There was no way I could leave to go with him to Florida in three days. Stop and think with me. There would be the church business to take care of. That would entail doing two bulletins (I would be gone two Sundays) in three days plus anything else I would need to get done before I left. Then there would be washing up clothes, digging out clothes for Florida, packing, getting the camper ready, grocery shopping and the list went on and on. Not happening…I couldn’t do it, my calendar was already jammed packed and I couldn’t add another thing to it especially a trip to Florida. Well, my hubby said he was leaving Saturday morning and would appreciate my going with him, but he was leaving with me or without me. 
I went in to the church office knowing the Pastor at the time would agree it would be impossible for me to leave. God had intervened on Greg’s behalf. The Pastor said ok, so go. I reminded him of all that had to be done. His reply, “it will get done or it won’t. No big deal. Let’s get to work.” For the next three or four days I worked my tail off. Looked at my calendar and shook my head. 
On Saturday morning my husband and I pulled out with our camper on our way to Florida. My mind was spinning. Did I get this done? Did I do this? Who will do this if I am not there? How will the office get along without me? What had I forgotten? 
After awhile God came to mind and His thoughts that He shared with me stung like a bee sting. God simply asked, “What if it had been me to ask you to do something instead of Greg? Would you have told me no to what I was asking you to do? Would you have looked at your calendar and said you were just too busy for me and my plans?” Ouch! I suddenly realized my calendar had been my life and I didn’t have room for those things God might ask me to do. I was my own Event Planner and God had no say in planning the events in my life. I think I enjoyed that trip more than I would have had God not shared His thoughts with me. I went home and threw out my calendar and said to God, “OK you are planning my events.” Since then I have had trouble with calendars and event planning. I know it’s important to keep doctor’s appointments and dentist’s, medical tests, but the rest is up to God.  
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  I now let God plan my days and I am so flexible that if God needs me I am ready at a minute’s notice. I have been called to go have lunch with friends, I have been called to visit someone in the hospital, I have been called to call someone who needs lifted up, or a prayer or I have been called to go on Emergency Responses. I have been blessed because I have allowed God to control my calendar. I have been blessed because I allow God to be my Event Planner. I know the plans He has for me will not bring disaster to my life. They will be plans that are good for all involved. 
Are you so tied to a calendar that if God called you’d have to tell Him no or put Him on hold? Are you flexible enough God can use you at a minute’s notice? What blessings might you be missing out on? 
Dear God: Thank you God for calling me to be organized, but not so organized I can’t fit you or your plans in. Thank you for teaching me it’s not all about me and my plans, but the plans you have for me. Thank you for those times I have dropped what I was doing and did those things you called me to do. I was blessed. Help me this year as again once more I plan my events and list them on my calendar. Remind me they are changeable and remind me to be flexible so that when you call I can do. Be my Event Planner once again this year. Amen 

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