Weeds Are Not My Thing

I love to plant flowers and I love to have flower beds and gardens. What I don’t like is to pull weeds, but then who does. I recently had let my flower beds go and there were weeds galore. I had not taken the time to pull weeds when they were few in number. My husband kept pestering me about pulling weeds.
Recently one day the sun was out and it was warm; not hot. There was a good breeze blowing. I didn’t have anything pressing to do. So, I decided to tackle the weed problem. I got down and started pulling weeds. Because we had recent rains the ground was soft and the weeds were pretty easy to pull. It did take me awhile and the sun was much warmer than I thought. It turned out to be a hot sweaty and dirty job. 
Later after resting I thought how much easier it would have been if I had just started pulling weeds a little everyday or every few days. The job wouldn’t be so overwhelming. As usual the more I thought about this the more God was nudging me.
There is a place in the Bible that challenges us to ask God to examine us, “Test me, LORD, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; Psalm 26:2 There are times I ask God to examine my heart and see if there is any wrong in my life. I sometimes ask Him to show me where I need to improve. He is good about showing you where the weeds in your life are. If you truly want to know He will show you. One of the things I tell my husband is, “well the weeds are in the backyard. No one comes to the backyard. So no one will see my weeds.” We think if we hide them no one will see our bad habits or our weeds. Just because we hide them doesn’t mean they can’t be seen. Even if we keep our weeds hidden Christ is all knowing and He sees those areas in our life. 
I have also found out in the past if you let the weeds grow and don’t pull them out they can take over and the flower is soon lost among the weeds. I am the type of person that thinks there is good in everyone. If you pull the weeds in people’s lives there is a beautiful flower waiting to bloom. The sad part of this is if the weeds are allowed to grow and no one takes the time to pull the weeds early on they will over power the flower and the flower is forever gone. 
As I was pulling the weeds from my flower beds I picked the biggest weeds often leaving the tiny hard to get weeds alone. I thought about this later. I often think okay I need to pull the weed of jealousy, or the weed of hatred from my life or the weed or selfishness. But, I often overlook those little weeds in my life thinking they are not big enough to deal with. Those weeds consist of watching a TV program that has questionable material or inappropriate language, or reading a book that again uses language I don’t dare repeat, or behavior that I know is not proper. It may be gossiping or criticizing someone’s behavior or the way they dress. When we allow those things to enter our mind and our thinking process and we don’t pull those nasty weeds we find that they can grow into something much larger that is harder to pull later on. 
The last thing I suddenly realized pulling weeds is not a onetime thing. If I want my flowers to bloom and do really well I must pull weeds on a regular basis. I have found it is much easier to pull them when they are small instead of waiting until they have grown so big I have to yank and yank to get them out. It is the same with my life. I need to stop and reflect on a regular basis what weeds are growing in my life and get them pulled before it is too late. I have often found reading my Bible on a daily basis will sometimes bring those tiny weeds to the forefront. The scripture my just point out something I might need to deal with. 
God has created all of us to be beautiful. We can’t be beautiful if we can’t be seen because of all the weeds in our lives. 
So my weeds are calling me. I guess it’s time to go pull weeds and when I am done on the outside I think maybe I will come in and reflect on the weeds in my own life and get them pulled. 
Do you have weeds that need pulling?
Dear Lord thank you for giving me the strength to pull my weeds on the outside. I know I can’t have a beautiful garden if I don’t keep those weeds from taking over. I know too that too many times I have let weeds grow in my own life and it’s taken a lot to get them pulled from my life. Remind me to regularly look at my own life and see the weeds that are starting to take root. Help me to pull them before they get so big and strong and take over. Thank you Jesus for all you are in my life. You are my master gardener. Amen.

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