​God’s Perspective


In the last few days I have been diagnosed with Shingles. My shingles are on my head. I have several sore spots and lesions throughout my head. They are painful. I am doing a study in Sunday school that suggests when we are going through some dark times we are to ask God’s perspective on why we are dealing with what we are dealing with.

On the first night or two I lay in bed and asked God for His perspective on why I was dealing with Shingles on my head that was painful. He very obediently gave me His perspective. I would like to share this with you. 
I am very good at asking for prayer for myself when I am about to speak before a group. My ultimate goal is for those who attend to hear God’s message and not just my words. I want God to work through me.
I am very good at asking for prayer when I need direction for my life. I do this usually through only a handful of close friends, not the vast majority of people. I only want to do what God has planned for me to do not what I think I want to do. I have been so busy in the past that at one time I had to step back and say enough. I had to evaluate all those things I was doing. Those things I was doing because it was my choice I cut back on and I promised God I would not take on anything more unless I knew I was called through Him to do it. 
One of the things I do not do well is ask for prayer for myself for healing or for pain. I will occasionally ask for prayer because I am not feeling well. When I do I often go home and am disappointed in myself because I think of others who are a lot worse off than me and need more prayer than I do. I hear of people who have chronic pain and suffer daily with ailments and I am grateful I am not that bad. I hear of people who have diseases who aren’t sure what life will bring them or how long a life they will have. So why should I ask for prayer for myself when I am not going through these traumatic things? Others need prayer worse.
After being diagnosed and in so much pain I began to send out a prayer requests to some of my more close friends. I knew the only way I was going to get through so much pain was with prayer and lots of it. Now I don’t think God gave me Shingles so he could teach me about prayer. There was another reason I got them, but God’s perspective was to teach me to humble myself and ask for prayer. We are taught to humble ourselves before God. In James 4:10 it says we are to “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” To be humble can mean to be subservient which means to be submissive or obedient. I believe we are to be obedient to God’s word.
James 5:14 says this, “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. In this verse it says anyone who is sick should call the elders of the church and have them to pray over you.” It doesn’t say only if you are dying, or only if you are in the hospital, or only if it’s chronic. It says anyone; that included me. If I am learning to be obedient to God’s word then I have to learn to be obedient in the small areas of my life as well as the big ones. What I have done is to basically tell God I can handle the small things you can handle the big things, but that’s not what God wants from us. He wants to handle everything in our lives. It may be small in our lives and we think we can handle it, but if we don’t trust God to handle the small things in our lives how are we going to allow Him to handle the big things in our lives?
Basically, God was teaching me it was time to hand over those small things in my life to Him that I have always thought I could handle on my own or that I thought was too insignificant for Him. 
Nothing is too insignificant for God to handle and nothing we go through is so small God doesn’t care about it. If we are going through it big or small we should allow God to handle it, not do it on our own.
So yes, I have the Shingles on my head and yes I am in pain. I have given this over to God and many of my friends to pray about this. I am learning to humble myself and ask for prayer when I need it no matter how insignificant I think it is. 
Do you only give God those things you can’t handle? Do you keep for yourselves those things you can handle instead of giving them to God? Those insignificant things? God wants all of it; those things we think are insignificant as well as those things we can’t handle. Give it all to God; He wants everything. 
Dear God it doesn’t matter why or how I got the Shingles. What matters most is what I am learning as I go through this time in my life. I see now if I ask for your perspectives on things we go through you are ready with an answer, we just have to ask. Thank you for teaching me there are no insignificant occurrences in my life you don’t care about. You care about it all. Thank you also for reminding me to humble myself and be obedient to your word and ask for prayer when I need it. I know now I need to give you the small things as well as those mountains. Thank you for being in my life. Amen. 

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