I Am On The Bomb Squad

I was fascinated when my husband would watch a movie that included a bomb going off. It was amazing to me they never found the bomb until it had only a few hours or a few minutes before it would go off. The Bomb Squad would rush in defuse the bomb and everything is fine. They catch the guys who set off the bomb and life returns to normal. Now days they have robots to do the same job.
I never thought I wanted to be on a bomb squad. It was not my idea of a fun job. Recently, as I was sitting doing my devotions for some reason God stuck me with this idea. It was about being on the Bomb Squad. “I don’t think so, Lord.” He wanted me to hear Him out, so I listened. 
There are times I come unglued. I know it’s surprising huh? But, I do. I am human. Most of the times it’s little irritating things other times its big things. Sometimes I blow up instantly and other times it’s like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Most of the time when I explode it is not pleasant. God was reminding me of those times and challenging me to be my own bomb squad and defuse the bomb before it hurts others. James 1:20 says this, “because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” We are not righteous when we are angry. Too many times we hurt someone by the words we say or even our actions. It can destroy what people think of us also. God was calling me to defuse the bomb before it went off. 
I have been in situations where I can see someone else is about to let the bomb go off. I had this happen to me once where I volunteer. I had a client that was about to explode before my eyes. I stopped what we were doing and in a calming voice asked what was going on. I realized the problem, we talked about it and I was able to defuse the bomb before it went off. James 1:19 says this, “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;” If I had allowed the ticking of her bomb affect me then we would have had two ticking bombs and sure enough one of them would have exploded. Instead, I needed to listen to hear what was going on, I had to be slow (and pray a breath prayer) and be slow about getting angry. I was able to defuse her bomb. We were able to talk about the problem, find a solution and move on. At that minute I was on the Bomb Squad. Too many times we let others get the best of us and we join them in their anger. Proverbs 15:1 says, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”
God was not only challenging me to be my own Bomb Squad, but to come to the rescue of others when their bomb is about to go off. I truly think people don’t want to explode; maybe they are not being heard, may be they are hurting, maybe they just need a soft word from someone. I now believe God is calling each of us to become members of the Bomb Squad not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others.
So okay God now I can add Bomb Squad to the long list of occupations you have for me. Are you willing to be on God’s Bomb Squad?
Dear Lord, Help me to see those times I am about to explode. Help me defuse my own bomb before it goes off and hurts someone else or hurts my ministry. Help me to be aware of those around me whose bombs are about ready to go off. May I step in and help them defuse their bomb before theirs go off. May I stay calm, listen to what is happening in their lives and not rush to speak and say the wrong words. Help me to respond with soft words that you bring forth from my mouth. Amen. 

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